International Airports


International Airports

International Airports Rating

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
FMO Munster Airport Muenster 4.8 14
CAK Akron Airport Akron-Canton Regional Airport 4.7 16
BRN Berne Airport Belp 4.5 43
OMA Omaha Airport Eppley Airfield 4.5 21
YNG Youngstown Airport Youngstown Municipal Airport 4.5 13
SBZ Sibiu Airport Sibiu 4.5 13
PSP Palm Springs Airport Palm Springs Municipal 4.5 13
GSP Greenville Airport Spartanburg 4.5 13
OUL Oulu Airport Oulu 4.5 12
BOI Boise Airport Boise Municipal Arpt Gowen Field 4.5 12
PVD Providence Airport Tf Green State Airport 4.5 11
SIN Singapore Airport Changi International Airport 4.4 855
PBI West Palm Beach Airport Palm Beach International Airport 4.4 44
PAD Paderborn Airport Paderborn 4.4 18
AVL Asheville Airport Asheville Regional Airport 4.4 16
SNA Santa Ana Airport John Wayne Airport 4.4 15
LGB Long Beach Airport Long Beach Municipal Airport 4.4 12
SVX Yekaterinburg Airport Ekaterinburg 4.4 11
MQL Mildura Airport Mildura 4.4 11
ZRH Zurich Airport Zurich 4.3 2921
USM Koh Samui Airport Koh Samui 4.3 157
SNN Shannon Airport Shannon 4.3 117
YVR Vancouver Airport Vancouver International 4.3 103
DSA Doncaster Airport Sheffield 4.3 80
GRZ Graz Airport Thalerhof 4.3 68
MYR Myrtle Beach Airport Myrtle Beach 4.3 52
TRD Trondheim Airport Trondheim-Vaernes 4.3 35
SMF Sacramento Airport Sacramento Metropolitan 4.3 31
GRJ George Airport George 4.3 31
GCI Guernsey Airport Guernsey 4.3 20
SAV Savannah Airport Savannah/Hilton Head 4.3 15
LEX Lexington Airport Blue Grass Field 4.3 15
ABQ Albuquerque Airport Albuquerque International Airport 4.3 15
DAL Dallas Airport Love Field 4.3 14
PLO Port Lincoln Airport Port Lincoln 4.3 12
OPO Porto Airport Porto 4.2 6024
MUC Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss 4.2 1459
LUX Luxembourg Airport Findel 4.2 1374
HEL Helsinki Airport Helsinki Vantaa 4.2 543
NCL Newcastle Airport Newcastle International 4.2 435
SOU Southampton Airport Eastleigh 4.2 339
BHD Belfast Airport Belfast City Apt 4.2 237
TLL Tallinn Airport Ulemiste 4.2 235
ADL Adelaide Airport Adelaide 4.2 233
HND Tokyo Airport Haneda 4.2 219
NUE Nuremberg Airport Nuremberg 4.2 183
PUF Pau Airport Pau 4.2 174
MVD Montevideo Airport Carrasco 4.2 117
RSW Fort Myers Airport Sw Florida 4.2 97
MTY Monterrey Airport Gen M Escobedo 4.2 90
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Rating of Airport Services

Airport Services Best Airport Rating
Paris Airport 5.0
Restaurants Queretaro Airport 5.0
Shops Sioux Falls Airport 5.0
Bus St. Petersburg Airport 5.0
Paris Airport 4.0
Lisbon Airport 4.0
Car Hire Sacramento Airport 5.0
Amsterdam Airport 3.0
Metro Zadar Airport 5.0
Alicante Airport 5.0
Other Services Pittsburgh Airport 5.0
Alicante Airport 4.0
Services and Facilities Mexicali Airport 5.0
Amsterdam Airport 2.0
Taxi Rodez Airport 5.0
Amsterdam Airport 4.0
Paris Airport 5.0
Rail Services Siem Reap Airport 5.0
Departure Lounges Mexicali Airport 5.0

Latest Airport Reviews

Changi International Airport Airport (Singapore) , 28/11/2016

Overall good experience

Entebbe Airport (Entebbe) , 27/11/2016

The flight has been cancelled twice without any notification and there is no compensation at all.I am stuck in Kampala now for three days and I don't know how long it will be more.Should I go to my embassy and complain about it?

J Chavez Intl Airport (Lima) , 27/11/2016

BEWARE OF CHEAP TICKETS!!! I purchased two round trip tickets from Lima to Cusco for cheap thinking it was a good deal however once I was in Lima they told me the price was not for Americans. The price I purchased the tickets for were ONLY FOR PERUVIANS. There was not disclaimer on the website. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! So we had to pay an extra $177 at the front desk and it took forever. My friends and several other tourist experienced the same issue.

Oslo All Airports Airport (Oslo) , 26/11/2016

Horrible service desk in Oslo. Norwegians are rude, no matter if they are working. People from the Norwegian Airline saw that I was lost in the self check-in machine (it was the first time in my life using one) and they did nothing to help me. I approached them and they gave me an answer but in a very rude way. I just told them to visit Puerto Rico, that they are more than welcome, and if they come we can teach them some manners and how to properly treat tourists. I had food on my flight (I did pay for it) and I was sleeping when they served it. When I woke up and asked for it they told me that food was out of stock. And they did not offered any substitute option. Adding to that they never offered water or caffee to me, I bought it. Awful place, awful people, awful airline.

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