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How much will I save with Prime?

With Prime, you save on 100% of your bookings! The more you travel, the more you save. Your specific savings depend on how much your booking is for. Say your booking total is $150 to $299 with Prime; you’ll save an average of $45 on this trip.

Price of flight Average Prime savings per flight
$0 - $150 $25
$150 - $299 $45
$300 - $499 $55
≥ $500 up to $120

Sleep easy with up to $100 off hotels!


Hotel rooms for up to half price for eDreams Prime members. Wherever you go, get a great night's sleep for a lot less!

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Hit the road with Prime discounts on car rental

Descuento en alquiler de coches Descuento en alquiler de coches

Enjoy absolute freedom on your trip with Prime-only savings on car rental.

Descuento en alquiler de coches
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3Enjoy unlimited discounts

Save on flights, accommodation and car rental.


  • Starting right from your first booking! When you add Prime to your booking, your discount will be automatically applied. As soon as your booking is finalized, you’re a member.
  • One calendar year (12 months) from the day you purchased Prime.
  • As many times as you like! You get a whole year of discounts on every booking with Prime.
  • Log in and start searching for hotels in your chosen destination to start benefitting from up to $100 off on hotel rates.
  • Yes! You can use your Prime discount even if you’re using other eDreams discounts. Plus, as a member, you’ll be the first to know about our special offers and discounts. Remember to check your email to see the latest savings. You’ll get an email with a code. Just copy that code and enter it at checkout to get our very lowest prices.
  • Up to 9. Every person on your booking gets to use the same Prime discount. Remember to include yourself on the booking!
  • Yes! eDreams Prime is available on our app and our websites. No matter where you book, remember to log in every time to enjoy your members-only benefits.

    On the app, once you're logged in, your Prime discount will be automatically applied to all your search results.
  • Right now, Prime discounts are only available for flights and hotels. However, we're always working on increasing and improving our Prime benefits so our members can enjoy a completely VIP experience.
  • Not yet. Currently, to subscribe you have to add eDreams Prime when you book a flight.
  • You don’t have to do anything! Your subscription is automatically renewed when it expires.

    It will be renewed with the same payment method you chose when you originally subscribed.

    For free trial users: when your trial period is up, you will be automatically upgraded to a paid membership using the last payment method you used on our website within the past 12 months. If you do not wish to purchase a membership, please cancel your subscription before your trial period is over.
  • With Prime, you can share your discounts and benefits with up to 9 of your friends and family, as long as you're travelling too. With Prime Plus, you can share your discounts with up to 9 people even when you’re not travelling.
    You'll see the total saving when you arrive at the payment page.
  • No matter your reason for leaving, we’re sorry to see you go. You can cancel anytime.

    To cancel, go to “My Prime account” on the website or profile in the app. There, you’ll see instructions for how to cancel your account.

    Prime subscription renews automatically once your subscription period expires (including free trial periods). The annual subscription fee is $59.99. This amount will be charged to your credit card. If you do not wish to continue your Prime subscription, cancel before your subscription (or free trial) expires.

    Please see the Terms and Conditions for eDreams Prime for more information here.
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