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Presentation of Mexico City

Mexico’s huge capital city, Mexico City, is situated in the country’s centrally-located Valley of Mexico at an elevation of 7,350 feet above sea level. It’s a very important city internationally due to its large population and high GDP, making it a principal financial center. A busy, bustling and exciting city, it entices many visitors eager to experience its countless attractions, learn about its culture and history, and enjoy its superb cuisine. Experience all that the city has to offer with our excellent flight and hotel package to Mexico City.

Things to know before visiting Mexico City

US citizens can enter Mexico for the purpose of tourism for a period of up to 180 days. Before your flight to Mexico City, make sure your passport will remain valid throughout the duration of your visit and that it has at least a couple of blank pages for the immigration officials to put entry and exit stamps. There are no vaccination requirements for visitors from the US to Mexico, but currency restrictions in place mean that you can’t bring in or take out more than $10,000 or its equivalent in any currency including the Mexican peso. If you need to bring prescription medication to take during your vacation in Mexico, you should first contact the Mexican Embassy to check whether you’re allowed to bring that drug into the country, especially if it’s an opioid drug.

What is the weather in Mexico City?

Due to its low-latitude location and high elevation, Mexico city’s climate is classed as subtropical-highland. Temperatures range from between 45°F to 71°F in January and between 56°F to 80°F in May. The cooler months at the start and end of the year are also the driest months. Choose the time of year that suits you best and enjoy a fantastic vacation with our flight and hotel package in Mexico city. It’s available all year and you can take a flight from New York to Mexico City or a flight from Los Angeles to Mexico City.

What places to visit in Mexico City?

Mexico City has no shortage of visitor attractions, which is why it has become an important tourist destination. There are many museums in the city such as the National Museum of History, which is located in the imposing Chapultepec Castle. The museum has a strong focus on Mexican history and the founding of the Spanish Empire. The surrounding forested parkland called Bosque de Chapultepec is also interesting. It contains a zoo, lake, amusement areas, the Museum of Anthropology and much more, and it makes for a very enjoyable day out. The city borough of Xochimilco is also a major attraction that you shouldn't miss. Take a gondola ride on the network of canals that intersect the area to see the real beauty of this World Heritage Site.

Music is a very important part of Mexican life and there are plenty of opportunities to listen to terrific artists perform live. From classical orchestras performing at the Palace of Fine Arts to world famous rock bands performing at the Bulldog Cafe, Mexico city’s music scene is very healthy. The same can also be said for all the other arts, too. Mexicans take their culture seriously, which explains its high quality. Book one of our excellent flight and hotel packages to Mexico City and experience the wonderful cultural treasures it proudly offers visitors and locals.

What to visit around Mexico City?

Make the most of your vacation in Mexico City by exploring some of its interesting surroundings. There are many places just outside the city that are well worth a visit. Teotihuacan is an ancient, former city that lies around 30 miles northeast of Mexico City. Now a preserved World Heritage Site, it’s an important archaeological area with ruins and ancient pyramids of the sun and moon. It’s interesting and very educational, too, and worth visiting on a day trip. Another place that makes terrific day trip from Mexico city is the city of Puebla. It’s a thriving modern city with historic attractions such as the beautiful architecture of its 16th century cathedral, old churches and museums. You can reach Puebla from Mexico city by bus in just over two hours. With our acclaimed, all-inclusive flight and hotel in Mexico City package, you’re free to explore all of the city and its surroundings at your leisure.

What to eat in Mexico City?

As an important international city, Mexico city offers just about every type of cuisine from every country you can think of in its countless restaurants and cafes. Special foods including, vegan, kosher and halal food are all available, too. What’s more interesting for visitors who like to expand their knowledge of where they visit is the huge range of local food. All of Mexico’s regions have distinctive cuisines, and they’re all available in Mexico City. Much of the local food features corn, beans and chillies with a range of meats including beef, mutton, chicken and goat.

Fast food is available in Mexico City as in every city, but Mexico City, to its credit, makes a point of promoting ‘Slow Food’. Slow Food is an international movement that started as a reaction to fast food. It promotes local food prepared in traditional style, and there's a lot of it in Mexico City. Street food in Mexico city is cheap and delicious. Try some local burritos, chorizos, tacos, the south Mexican favorite chalupas, and anything else that catches your eye from the huge range available. If it's something you've never tried before, you're likely to be pleasantly surprised. Book our flight and hotel package to Mexico city, and all of the city's tasty food and refreshments are yours to enjoy.