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Miami - United States
16 Apr 2020 - 19 Apr 2020
starting at $16
Fort Lauderdale, FL - United States
09 Apr 2020 - 13 Apr 2020
starting at $28
Los Angeles - United States
09 Apr 2020 - 12 Apr 2020
starting at $44
Mexico City - Mexico
09 Apr 2020 - 13 Apr 2020
starting at $215
Madrid - Spain
08 Apr 2020 - 16 Apr 2020
starting at $258
Barcelona - Spain
07 Apr 2020 - 12 Apr 2020
starting at $265

Are you a last minute traveler?

What is a last minute flight?

When planning a vacation, the common thought is that it requires planning and time. Well, that's not the case! At eDreams we have great last minute flights to ensure you have access to the ultimate getaway. Last minute travel is sometimes a necessity. So having access to last minute cheap flights offers will allow you to plan the ultimate vacation with ease!

How to book a last minute flight with eDreams?

To take advantage of last minute flights, we recommend selecting three of your ideal destinations to get your last minute trip started. Thanks to our fleet of participating airlines, booking a last minute flight will not cost you a fortune. Search for cheap flights deals by using our powerful search engine. We effortlessly filters and compares amongst thousands of flights: book now!

Best destinations for a last minute vacation

Las Vegas

You've heard the saying, "what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Famous for its nightlife and entertainment, Las Vegas is a must-see destination and a great option for last minute travel!

Flights to Las Vegas

New York

It's the city that never sleeps and a remarkable way to take advantage of last minute vacations. Any time of year is a good time to jet set to New York City, as every season in New York is sure to please.

Flights to New York

Los Angeles

California, here we come! If you've never visited the west coast, check out last minute flights deals to Los Angeles for a getaway. Fly to Los Angeles, you'll be California dreamin' in no time.

Flights to Los Angeles

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