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Low cost flights within the US

We are fortunate enough to live in a hugely diverse country, with nearly every climate imaginable and dozens of different dynamic cultures, so it makes sense to want to explore and vacation in as much of the USA as possible. By offering fares at budget prices, low cost airlines make this dream a reality.

Low cost flights around the Americas

But this isn’t to say that low cost airlines fly only within the States. Jet off to a Caribbean island like Grand Cayman or Jamaica, head to the effervescent hub of Cancun in Mexico or visit the scenic tropical city of Cartagena in Colombia, all of which can be reached with very cheap plane tickets. Using low cost flights can give you the freedom to spend the rest of your holiday budget as you please; such as on luxury accommodation, eating at the finest local restaurants every night, or even filling your suitcase to the brim with souvenirs and gifts for your loved ones at home!

Tips for finding low cost flights

Take a risk and book last minute

If you’re flexible with your dates – and maybe even your location – consider taking a risk and buying a ticket last minute for a cheap fare. If airlines haven’t filled their planes, they offer their previously unsold tickets for rock bottom prices, making it very feasible to have a last-minute vacation on a budget!

Pack right

Assess whether you need hold luggage at the time of booking your ticket – if you’re only going away for a weekend break, you might be able to go with just carry on and save paying extra baggage fees. If you do need hold luggage, be sure to order it at the time of booking and adhere strictly to the weight restrictions to avoid hefty extra charges.

Compare different airlines and their extras

Compare a variety of different low cost airlines to find the cheapest and be sure to factor in not just the cost of the plane ticket, but how much extras will cost too. These can include: extra baggage fees, how much it will cost for you to reach the departure airport and whether you’ll have to take a taxi from the arrival airport to your accommodation.

Where you can reach with low cost airlines

North American low cost airlines reach all over the continent and into South America. Read on to find out just some of the destinations that you could reach with a cheap plane ticket from these airlines.


Based at JFK international, JetBlue flies from airports such as Boston, Houston, Denver, Washington DC, San Francisco, Newark etc to Las Vegas, San Diego, Aruba, Bermuda, Cancun, Quito, Lima etc.

JetBlue Flights

Allegiant Air

With its headquarters in Nevada, Allegiant Air flies from destinations such as Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Orlando/ Sandford to Austin, Appleton/ Green Bay, Cincinnati, Fayetteville, Memphis, Oaklahoma City etc.

Allegiant Air Flights


A Mexican airline priding itself on its budget rates, Volaris flies from airports such as Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Miami etc to Cancun, Guatemala, Oaxaca, San Jose etc.

Volaris Flights

Spirit Airlines

Headquartering in Miramar, Florida, Spirit Airlines flies all over the Americas. Leaving from destinations such as Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Miami, Washington DC etc to Bogata, St Maarten, Toronto, Managua etc.

Spirit Airlines Flights