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Natural Village #1,2,3 & 5
09 Jun - 11 Jun
Free Wi-Fi
From $331
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Bayamon Puerto Rico 3 Bedroom Home
09 Jun - 11 Jun
Free Wi-Fi
From $376
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Star of the Olympus
09 Jun - 11 Jun
Free Wi-Fi
From $413
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
El Canario By The Lagoon
09 Jun - 11 Jun
TripAdvisor rating
Free Wi-Fi
From $441
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Lofts At San Agustin
09 Jun - 11 Jun
Free Wi-Fi
From $457
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Barbosa Catano Unit 1, Fishing Village, Studio Steps To The Ocean
09 Jun - 11 Jun
Free Wi-Fi
From $460
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
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Flight and hotel packages in San Juan

Presentation of San Juan

San Juan is the capital of Puerto Rico, and although it is a Caribbean island 1000 miles south of Florida, it still belongs to the US. It has some amazing beaches and vibrant bustling cities as well as El Yunque, the rainforest in the northeast of the island. It became a possession of the US after the Spanish-American war at the end of the 19th century, and in 1917 Puerto Ricans were made US citizens. Spanish is the main language but you will find that English is also widely spoken, and the friendly Puerto Ricans will make you extremely welcome whether you speak a common language or not. If you can’t resist this idyllic island, book your flight to San Juan with us today and experience all that Puerto Rico has to offer for yourself.

Things to know before visiting San Juan

As Puerto Rico is a US territory, all prices are in US dollars and visas are not required for US citizens. In fact, strictly speaking only a normal form of ID is needed because it isn’t technically a different country, however recommendations are that you take a passport with you just in case.

Wherever you are flying from in the US you will land at Luis Munoz Marin International Airport. It is just 3 miles outside San Juan and there are plenty of taxis and public transport options for transfer into the city. Book your flight and hotel packages to San Juan with us today and we can easily organize your trip wherever you would like to fly from, including a very reasonable flight from New York to San Juan and a flight from Los Angeles to San Juan.

What is the weather in San Juan?

As Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island the weather is glorious throughout the year. With temperatures around the mid 80s in the summer and a not very chilly 70 in the winter, it is perfect for a vacation whatever time of year you decide to visit. The mountainous regions can get a bit colder if you plan on traveling outside San Juan, but generally you will find the weather pleasantly warm so why not book an all-inclusive vacation to San Juan with us today.

Things to do in San Juan

As well as the excellent shopping districts in San Juan there are also many historic buildings to visit like the Castle of San Cristobal, a large, heavily-fortified castle built in the middle of the 18th century to protect San Juan from attacks. Even older is La Fortaleza built in the 1530s to defend San Juan’s harbor, and is currently where the island’s governor lives. As well as its architecture, Puerto Rico is also famous for its art and the Museum of Art should definitely be top on your list of attractions in San Juan. Book your flight and hotel package with us as quickly as you can so that your trip to this exotic and beautiful island can begin as soon as possible.

What places to visit near San Juan?

As well as the historical magnificence and the art-lovers paradise of San Juan, the rest of Puerto Rico also has a lot to offer. If you like the beach, Rincon in the west is the ideal destination for snorkeling, wind-surfing or simply relaxing. If you head to Mosquito Bay in Vieques you can experience the incredible sight of bioluminescence in the waters at night, but above all, El Yunque National Rainforest should not be missed. This tropical forest is ideal for hikers with 13 well-marked trails and thousands of photographic opportunities. Because there is so much to see and the forest is so large, to experience it properly you may want to camp for a few days so that you can really appreciate it, but however long you plan on staying it never seems to be enough. Book your travel package to San Juan with us today - the sooner you book, the sooner you could be enjoying this wonderful country.

What to eat in San Juan?

If you have never tried mofongo or tembleque before, a visit to Puerto Rico is the time to experience it. Mofongo is typically Puerto Rican as it is made of mashed, fried green plantains and pork crackling and it can be eaten just as it is, or with meat or fish added to it for a main meal. Tembleque, on the other hand, is a light coconut custard dessert; the perfect way to complete a Puerto Rican feast.

From roast suckling pig known as lechon to chillo frito, a lightly fried and delicious meal of red snapper, there are many amazing dishes to try in this beautiful Caribbean island. Book your flight and hotel package to San Juan with us today, and you’ll soon be able to work your way through these tempting menus on your vacation.