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Flight & hotel offers to Cancun

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Flight + Hotel

From Mexico City
From Orlando
From Tijuana
Mex Hoteles
03 Feb - 05 Feb
Free Wi-Fi
From $199
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Cancun Downtown
03 Feb - 05 Feb
Free Wi-Fi
From $203
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Suites La Roca by R&T
03 Feb - 05 Feb
Free Wi-Fi
From $205
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Blue Coconut Cancun Hotel
03 Feb - 05 Feb
Free Wi-Fi
From $217
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Casa Tortugas Boutique Suites - CANCUN Luxury Hidden Gem
03 Feb - 05 Feb
Free Wi-Fi
From $314
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
Last Rooms
The Royal Cancun, All Suites Resort
03 Feb - 05 Feb
TripAdvisor rating
Close to bus/metro stop
From $573
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
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Flight and hotel packages in Cancun

Presentation of Cancun

When you book a flight and hotel to Cancun, you will be visiting one of the most exciting places on the Yucatán Peninsula. A flight to Cancun from most US air hubs takes under four hours, meaning you can be enjoying the resort's fantastic beaches within a short period after your departure. Located in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo, Cancun has a population of about 750,000 inhabitants which is added to by the many American and European tourists who flock there each year. Originally a Mayan settlement, the contemporary city of Cancun is one of the most modern in the country. The city has almost doubled in size since 2000.

Laid out on a grid system, most of the travel deals in Cancun offer accommodation close to its island which is just a little way offshore from the city. The waters around this area of the city are clear and contain wonderful coral reefs, only second in size to those found in Australia. Why not discover its stunning natural beauty for yourself and plan your trip today?

Things to know before visiting Cancun

Nearly all flight and hotel packages to Cancun begin at the city's large international airport. As well as providing a place to touchdown for flights from New York to Cancun, it serves air operators from South and Central America. Flights from Los Angeles to Cancun also arrive at this air hub which handles in the region of 15 million passengers each year. Most hotels are about a 20-minute drive from the airport. For vacations in Cancun which are booked in the main hotel zone, there are plenty of onward transportation options, such as car hire and bus services. Cancun is a favorite destination for students during the spring break period so visitors who are looking for a quiet vacation destination are advised to avoid this time. Having said that, it is still possible to find a relaxing place to stay no matter when you decide to travel there. Although Spanish is the primary language, nearly everyone in the tourist areas is able to speak English fluently. Why not book your flights now?

What is the weather in Cancun?

Any vacation in Cancun means heading to a destination with a tropical climate. In other words, it is hot there nearly all the time. January through March sees the lowest average sea temperatures at 79 °F which means that the Atlantic Ocean is ready to be swum in even in winter. The warmest times of year are in late summer and early fall. The constant sea temperatures are largely down to the fact that the peninsula that the city is built on draws warm water up from the south. People on vacation packages to Cancun rarely see heavy rainfall. Only 52.8 inches of precipitation are expected over the course of an average year. The city enjoys some cooling sea breezes which mean that it never feels too hot to walk around. The best time of year to enjoy these is in spring. If you are considering a warm place to take your next vacation that won't tire you out due to excessive heat, then you should consider the merits of booking a hotel in the city.

Things to do in Cancun

Xcaret Park is a great place to visit while on vacation in Cancun. It is a waterfront ecological operated theme park which offers a range of activities in a self-contained resort. It is an ecotourism development situated by the Riviera Maya where you can snorkel or try out cave exploration. Another popular thing that people on vacation getaways in Cancun do is to visit the Underwater Museum. You visit this with a glass-bottomed boat or by scuba diving. The submarine park has hundreds of life-sized concrete figures to see beneath the waves. Another great sight that is in the heart of the hotel zone in the city is the Cancun Wax Museum. Here, you can see dozens of famous characters brought to life. Former Presidents of the United States, Madonna and even Albert Einstein are all rendered carefully from wax. Reserve your trip to Cancun now and discover these – and many more – things to do.

What to see in Cancun?

No vacation in Cancun should miss out on a visit to Coba. This is an ancient Mayan site that is a short drive from the city. There is an ancient pyramid you can climb up and explore or simply stand back and enjoy the view. A number of vacation package deals offer add-on excursions and taking one to Isla Contoy is recommended. Only a short boat ride from the city, this small island is a paradise and it offers the chance to see sharks and seabirds in their natural environment. If you happen to have bad weather one day, then a good indoor sight can be obtained by visiting the city's Interactive Aquarium. Hundreds of sea creatures can be viewed close up and the aquarium stages shows that kids will enjoy, too. Don't delay with booking your vacation to this exciting city and resort.

What to eat in Cancun?

Since flight and hotel packages to Cancun are sold all around the world, you can get virtually any sort of food you could wish for in the city. Indian, European, Chinese and South American tastes are all catered for. Because of the history of settlement on the Yucatán Peninsula, both Mayan and Spanish influences persist in the local cuisine. Many argue that the local food in this part of Mexico outshines anything you will find elsewhere in the country. Chili con carne is a local favorite, as you might expect. Papadzules is also popular, a kind of snack that contains pork, chicken, egg or cheese as a filling. Cochinita pibil should be tried, too. This is a marinated piece of pork wrapped in a banana leaf. Seek out last minute vacation packages to Cancun and sample some of the local dishes yourself.