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Presentation of Tijuana

Located in the north of Mexico’s Baja California, on the border with the United States, the west-coast city of Tijuana has developed into an important metropolis. Tourism is a major industry in the city due to its many natural and man-made attractions plus its proximity to the United States border and the city of San Diego. At eDreams, we can arrange an excellent flight and hotel package to Tijuana for you. Experience first-hand the delights of the city and its beautiful surrounding areas in comfort and at your leisure.

Things to know before visiting Tijuana

US citizens don’t require a visa to enter Mexico for a stay of up to 180 days. Just make sure your passport is in order before your flight to Tijuana. It needs to remain valid throughout the duration of your stay and should have a couple of blank pages for immigration stamps. Mexico applies currency restrictions on tourists, so don’t bring in or take out more than $10,000. During your vacation in Tijuana, you can see more of the area if you rent a car. A full US driver’s license is acceptable for driving in Tijuana and surrounding areas.

What is the weather in Tijuana?

Tijuana is noted for having beautiful sunny weather all year thanks to its semi arid climate. Summers are warm and winters are mild. The coolest month is January with average daily temperatures ranging from 44°F to 68°F. The temperature then rises steadily until August when it ranges from 51°F to 82°F. Rainfall is relatively low throughout the year. January is the wettest month, but with only around 1.7 inches of rain for the whole month, it’s insignificant. In the summer months, rainfall is even less at around 0.2 inches per month. Overall, the city is warm, sunny and mostly dry. Choose the time of year most suitable for you and we’ll be happy to arrange a first rate travel package to Tijuana for you. You can start your vacation with a flight from New York to Tijuana or a flight from Los Angeles to Tijuana.

What to do in Tijuana?

Tijuana is a city famed for its wide variety of entertainments. The main tourist center is Revolution Avenue. It’s a colorful and vibrant area where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts and enjoy its Mexican atmosphere. There are many restaurants and bars and the area is usually filled with tourists from San Diego coming across the border for a shopping trip and local amusements. The dome-shaped Tijuana Cultural Center is also well worth visiting. It has an IMAX theater and is also home to the Museo de las Californias with its countless historic exhibits. Tijuana is also famed for its nightlife. There are several hotspots such as Plaza del Zapato with around 20 nightclubs. As it’s legal to drink alcohol in Mexico from the age of 18, you can expect to see a younger crowd than similar venues back home. Enjoy these and other thrills of the city with our excellent travel package to Tijuana.

What to visit around Tijuana?

While Tijuana has some decent beaches, a short trip south takes you to the town of Rosarito. Its beach is famous and a major draw for visitors. The town is also famous as it attracted many visitors from the US, including Hollywood stars, during the prohibition era. The town has many nightclubs and bars, although its night life is tamer than what you can find in Tijuana. Another popular out-of-town trip takes you even further south to the wine-producing region of the valle de Guadalupe. It’s located around 60 miles south of the city. It’s a beautiful and interesting area to visit and free samples are a welcome treat on this trip. Book one of our first-rate travel packages to Tijuana and enjoy all that the city and its surrounding areas have to offer.

What to eat in Tijuana?

Tijuana's cuisine is basically Mexican cuisine with some distinctive flavorings and unique preparations. Its coastal location also ensures that plenty of seafood will feature in its menus. Look for fish tacos and empanadas, delicious pastry dishes stuffed with meat or cheese - Tijuana style. Restaurants noted for serving high quality, traditional Tijuana and Mexican cuisine include La Diferencia and Casa del Mole Poblano. Tijuana has also embraced ‘Baja-Med’ cuisine, which is a fusion of foods and preparation styles from Baja California and Mediterranean regions, and it even features some Asian influences in the form of exotic spices. Combining the best of all regions, it’s a cuisine that’s well worth experiencing during your vacation in Tijuana.