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Presentation of Monterey

The coastal city of Monterey is a superb destination for tourists. Last minute vacation packages to Monterey are available all the time, a city which was once the capital of Alta California under both Mexican and Spanish rule. With a population of a little under 30,000 inhabitants, it is not a large city. However, Monterey has plenty to offer in terms of attractions and natural beauty. The city overlooks a bay which offers some protection from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. As such, yachting and fishing are popular past times in this part of California. Cannery Row, once the industrial heart of the city, was redeveloped in the 1980s making the entire city an attractive place to explore. Book your flight and hotel to Monterey without delay.

Things to know before visiting Monterey

A flight to Monterey may involve a change, depending on where you live, because it is served by a regional airport. However, it is close to the city and it only takes a few minutes from touching down to reach the city center. Direct services from other Californian hubs are rapid. For example, a flight from Los Angeles to Monterey only takes a little over an hour. A flight from New York to Monterey, on the other hand, will normally take over seven hours including a brief stop at Phoenix, San Francisco, or LAX. In addition to the top-notch hotels on offer in the city, Monterey offers lots of bed and breakfast accommodation to choose from. It is also a pet-friendly city, so inquire about whether it is possible to bring your dog because a good number of hotels allow for this. Search for the right travel packages to Monterey right now.

What is the weather in Monterey?

Because it is close to the cooling breezes of the nearby ocean, Monterey has a cool-summer Mediterranean climate despite its proximity to some of the driest places on the planet, like Death Valley. September sees the highest average daily temperatures. December and January are the coolest months to take a vacation in Monterey. Very little rainfall occurs between April and October. Snow is rare but does fall from time to time, largely due to the nearby Santa Lucia Mountains. Look for vacation deals in Monterey and find your perfect time to come.

Things to do in Monterey

All travel deals to Monterey are likely to include some seaborne activities. Try your hand at windsurfing, sailing or just taking a tour of the bay by boat. Sea otters, dolphins and sea lions all inhabit the local coastline. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is one of the grandest in the country and is well worth a visit, especially if you happen to be in the city on a rainy day. The historic Fisherman's Wharf is a favorite destination of many visitors where you can while away a few hours in a relaxed atmosphere. The city has several golf courses and an art museum which champions the work of up-and-coming artists. Search for a flight and hotel in Monterey and participate in some of the fun the city has to offer.

What places to visit near Monterey?

With a stunning coastal road connecting the city to its neighbors, the so-called '17-mile drive' offers a great way of exploring many nearby sites, such as Pebble Beach and Pacific Grove. Drive it or hire bicycles locally. Alternatively, spend some time on your vacation in Monterey in the Carmel Valley. A visit to Garland Ranch Regional Park, with nature trails and marked hiking routes, is a great place to start. Visit the settlement of Carmel Valley itself for its impressive wineries. To the south of Monterey is Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, a beautiful park that overlooks the ocean and which has a museum dedicated to whaling. Check out the vacation packages to Monterey on offer this minute.

What to eat in Monterey?

Although all inclusive vacations to Monterey are popular, you should venture to one of the city's fine eateries at least once. The city is perhaps best known as the home of Monterey Jack cheese. Nevertheless, it is the impressive array of seafood that is on offer that makes Monterey such a great destination for food lovers. The city's authorities have declared Monterery as the calamari capital of the world, for example, and it is easy to see why. Bistros, restaurants, and bar-grills are to be found all around the harbor area. There is also Japanese cuisine on offer as well as locally produced beer and wine. Choose a vacation in Monterey and enjoy the tremendous food on offer in the city.

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