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Presentation of Tucson

Tucson is the second largest city in Arizona, with a population approaching 1 million, including the surrounding suburbs. It was built against the foothills of Sentinel Peak, with major modern development expanding east from the middle of the last century. That guarantees you a charm and sense of history few other American cities can boast, matched with a great deal of modern, well thought out city planning. Tucson has flown no fewer than 5 different flags over its history, swapping hands between the Spanish, Mexican and finally American nations. This rich diversity is reflected in the city itself with a vibrant sense of history and community visitors on their Tucson vacation will fall in love with. So book your visit with a flight to Tucson today!

Things to know before visiting Tucson

One reason an all inclusive vacation package to Tucson appeals to so many tourists is its proximity to the Mexican border. Drive just 60 miles south of Tucson and you'll find yourself in Mexico. Americans can enjoy a trip to Mexico without the complications or expense of a visa - simply complete the relevant paperwork available in most travel agents and information centers and you're ready to go. Travel packages for Tucson allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a foreign holiday without ever feeling too far from home. Experience this for yourself and book your holiday with us.

What is the weather in Tucson?

Tucson is often praised for the quality of its air, something that draws many tourists from larger cities. Take a flight from New York to Tucson and you'll soon notice the difference. Tucson is dry without being arid and enjoys sunshine all the year through. But even if you've booked a flight from Los Angeles to Tucson you might find a vacation in Tucson warmer than you're used to! The winter months can be as warm as a cool summer's day, and the summers in Arizona can often see temperatures in the 100s. If this is your idea of heaven, then prepare for over 350 sunny days a year - making a last minute vacation package to Tucson ideal, with practically guaranteed perfect weather.

Things to do in Tucson

A vacation to Tucson is full of surprises. The historic downtown boasts neighborhoods which have stood here since its founding, with sensitive development to ensure it has been preserved. Recent revitalization projects have rescued theaters, cafes and important civic buildings which visitors can happily enjoy to this day. In more old-meets-new, a cheap vacation deal for Tucson is made even more affordable by leaving your auto behind and hiring bicycles. Central Tucson is bicycle friendly, with no 'thru' traffic allowed. Not only does this improve air quality, safety and your enjoyment, it also allows numerous cycle highways to spur out to all parts of the city. Or why not head south? From beautiful murals on the walls and houses, to Latin music festivals and welcoming, authentic eateries, this part of Tucson is perfect for those wanting to try something new. But whatever you're interested in, whatever time of year you travel, Tucson will have something to offer!

What places to visit near Tucson?

As mentioned earlier, Mexico is just on Tucson's doorstep. And while many still have that old idea of quaint villages and tourist coaches, the reality is that many Americans hop over the border to enjoy luxury shipping on a budget. This is especially true for border towns such as Nogales, whose malls are worthwhile visiting for those looking for cosmetics. And, just drive a few hours more and you could be swimming in the Gulf of California, perhaps finding a bit more of that traditional Mexican culture. Staying stateside, Arizona's past can come alive in day trips to famous Old West towns like Tombstone. Relive the tales of Wyatt Earp and The Cowboys in gripping historical reenactment! Or, get back to nature by visiting the caves, hot springs, trails, hikes and parks. Tours operate all year round, offering challenge for the absolute beginner or seasoned explorer alike. As you can see, a vacation to Tucson really has it all!

What to eat in Tucson?

Tucson's residents can truly boast that, despite their neighbor's to the south reputation for cooking, their own restaurants can offer authentic food as good as anything you'll taste elsewhere. Traditional Mexican cuisine meets Southern hospitality in fantastic upscale venues across the city. New and upcoming trends in world, vegan and fusion dining are widely available too - truly making Tucson a vacation destination not to be overlooked for those who put dining at the top of their requirements. Whatever you enjoy best, you're sure to find it in Tucson, so come see - and taste - for yourself!