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Presentation of St. Thomas Island

One of the American Virgin Islands, St. Thomas Island is a real tropical jewel, a beautiful Caribbean paradise with pristine beaches and jungle set within stunning seas and just a stone’s throw from neighboring islands. A vacation here is ideal for anyone, from those seeking tranquility and relaxation, luxury dining, exciting nightlife or even adventure on the high seas. So don’t delay - a flight to St. Thomas Island is waiting for you!

Things to know before visiting St. Thomas Island

You’ll feel surprisingly at home on one of our all inclusive holiday packages to St. Thomas Island. You don’t even need a passport to visit if you are a US citizen and US Dollars are the currency, but you should carry some form of official identification. It’s in the same EST timezone as New York, so your short 4-hour flight from New York to St. Thomas Island will see you leave a stuffy city in the afternoon and touch down in the warm tropical evening, ready to enjoy a cocktail on the balcony, or watch the sunset from the beach. The Cyril E. King Airport, on the western end of the island, handles over a million passengers annually, is well managed and simple to navigate. There are buses on the island and you can rent a car or scooter, but walking is not recommended and cabs are plentiful. Book your vacation today, and see the island in style!

What is the weather in St. Thomas Island?

St. Thomas Island enjoys a tropical climate, meaning it never usually drops below the 70s. The temperature climbs into the 80s on a regular basis, and even goes into the 90s in particularly hot summers. So whenever you choose to book your flight and hotel for St. Thomas Island, you are guaranteed warm weather. Unlike those taking a flight from Los Angeles to St. Thomas Island who associate sunny weather with dry heat, the climate on these islands is quite different. It can be rainy most of the month towards the end of the year, and no long stay can guarantee dry days throughout. However, tropical rain can be quite an experience in itself - refreshing you on a hot day or offering some welcome cool on a balmy evening. The good news is that the rain never lasts all month either, so a rainy spell is certain to be met by gorgeous sun before too long.

Things to do in St. Thomas Island

St. Thomas Island is the most populous island in the group, but the main town of Charlotte Amalie still only has a population of 18,000. The island is perfect for intimate venues, hospitality and a sense of adventure, whether exploring the island’s interior, enjoying the coast, or heading further out to sea. Guided tours of the island are widely available, offering both treks and boat outings. The history of the island is fun to explore too, with well-known local spots such as Blackbeard's Tower - a legendary outpost of the infamous pirate - or the island’s original churches well worth a visit. Opportunities to get up close to nature on your vacation getaway abound, with snorkeling, diving, swimming with turtles and kayaking adventures just a few of the activities on offer all year round. So why not book a last minute vacation package to St. Thomas Island today?

What to visit around St. Thomas Island?

St. Thomas Island is surrounded by neighboring islands, some no more than a few palm trees clinging to a rock a short swim away, while others, like Buck Island, are home to National Wildlife Refuges. You’ll be able to see rare species of all kinds of animals, from tropical birds and aquatic life, to reptiles and feral hogs roaming wild. Hotels, bars and restaurants are brimming with events from music to traditional dance and, if you're traveling between April and May, you'll able to enjoy it all during the Virgin Islands Carnival, an event islanders look forward to with excitement all year. So get in the carnival mood with your very own St. Thomas Island getaway!

What to bring from St. Thomas Island?

Top local shops offer a fantastic range of souvenirs, including all the usual mementos from tees to mugs. However, something which many tourists capitalize on is the duty free shopping available here. Indeed, your flight and hotel to St. Thomas Island could actually come with some big savings on all manner of items, including the locally made liquors. Just make sure you look ahead at the duty free limits to avoid any issues at customs. Come and enjoy this magical island paradise for yourself!