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Flight & hotel offers to St Petersburg

A warm Russian welcome awaits with a vacation in St Petersburg

Presentation of St Petersburg

Russia's second city is one of northern Europe's great tourist destinations, so you'll love our flight and hotel packages to St Petersburg. With its centuries of fascinating history, incredible buildings, and vibrant cultural scene, it's a great place to spend your break. Among Russia's most cosmopolitan and outward-looking cities thanks to its location on the Baltic Sea, St Petersburg is home to around five million people. Vacation getaways to St Petersburg are easy, as this is among the country's major transport hubs, with easy air, rail, and highway links to many other parts of Russia. At eDreams, we're excited about helping you get there.

Things to know before visiting St Petersburg

US citizens will need to get a visa to travel to Russia, including for a vacation in St Petersburg. For tourists on our cheap vacation packages to St Petersburg, this is a pretty straightforward procedure. You'll also need to make sure that your passport has two blank pages for every stamp, as well as being valid for six months beyond your return date. Your flight to St Petersburg may well take you to the main airport in the city, Pulkovo Airport, which is about 14 miles south of downtown. Taxis are readily available to take you into the city. Learning a little Russian will bring smiles – and so will booking with us today!

What is the weather in St Petersburg?

Even though the city lies close to the 60th parallel, St Petersburg has a mild, comfortable climate – you won't realize your flight from New York to St Petersburg has traveled so far north! The Baltic Sea helps to moderate the weather and means you won't experience either intense winter cold or stifling summer heat with your flight and hotel in St Petersburg. If you take advantage of our travel deals to St Petersburg in July, afternoon temperatures average a comfortable 73 degrees Fahrenheit. Despite the shorter days, the city can be magical in the winter, with twinkling lights everywhere sparkling on a carpet of snow. We're ready for your call!

What to see in St Petersburg?

We at eDreams make sure that our travel packages to St Petersburg give you the chance to see some of the city's great sights. These include:

Pick up one of our last minute vacation packages to St Petersburg and you could be there sooner than you think. Get in touch and our friendly staff will help you find the perfect trip.

What places to visit near St Petersburg?

When on vacation in St Petersburg, it's also worth taking time to see some of the surrounding area. Suggestions during vacation getaways to St Petersburg include:

All these places and more are within reach with a flight from Los Angeles to St Petersburg. All you need to do is contact us at eDreams to get started.

What to eat in St Petersburg?

Here you'll find some of Russia's best restaurants, and with our flight and hotel packages to St Petersburg it's easy to find any cuisine. However, Russians usually enjoy hearty, filling food like beef stroganoff and stuffed savory pancakes. Ideal for snacks while enjoying our flight and hotel deals in St Petersburg are pirozhki, buns filled with vegetables or fruit. A delicious traditional snack is shashlyk – a little like a kebab. Wash it all down with either one of the city's growing number of craft beers or a good helping of tea. For a truly authentic experience, have it served from a traditional samovar. Mouthwatering deals are available right now – just ask us!