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Presentation of Tampa

There’s just something special about a vacation to Tampa. Maybe it’s the mangroves and lakes surrounding the city, the visiting dolphins coming right into Tampa Bay or the heady mix of American and Cuban culture in the city’s North-East Ybor City and Western neighborhoods. Tampa is an escape from the ordinary. So, whether you’ve taken a flight from New York to Tampa to enjoy a balmy summer on Florida’s coast, or its similarly warm winter, or you’ve crossed the continent on a flight from Los Angeles to Tampa to enjoy the East Coast, you’ll be certain to find something new and memorable to keep you coming back year after year! So, read ahead and get ready for your very own vacation getaway to Tampa!

What is the weather in Tampa?

All inclusive vacation packages to Tampa are in season all year round due to the city’s warm coastal location right on the Gulf of Mexico. Even in winter, temperatures rarely ever drop below freezing, with the norm being somewhere in the 50s and 60s. The summer months enjoy temperatures which can climb well into the 90s, so those who wish to avoid the sun might need to prepare in advance. One unique and spectacular element of Tampa’s climate are the frequent thunderstorms which wash over the bay. These can range from awesome spectacles over the water which come and go in a few minutes to rains which can endure for days at a time, especially in the summer. So, for summer sun - and the occasional shower! - or to escape from the winter chill, book a flight to Tampa right away.

Things to do in Tampa

You cannot have a vacation to Tampa and ignore it’s beautiful bay. And no trip could be complete without a visit into the bay itself. Regular tours are offered, ranging from short boat excursions around the bay to sailing through it into the Gulf of Mexico for fishing on the high seas! Staying on land, Tampa offers a host of activities. Culture abounds here. The historic Bok Gardens offers unique events, from concerts to spirituality. Tampa is also home to one of the few World War II ships still afloat, the American Victory, which houses its own museum. Festivals and pop-up events run all through the year, and you’ll certainly want to check the city’s calendar of events before booking your hotel and flight to Tampa. No matter how long your stay, you’ll never run out of new things to see and do!

What to visit in Tampa in 2 or 3 days?

Last minute vacation packages to Tampa, as well as business trips, are perfectly suited for visiting Tampa. The city packs in a whole range of attractions guaranteed to please on a shorter stay. For anyone looking to please the whole family, then you cannot overlook the value and adventure you can pack in using Tampa’s CityPASS. This saves you over 50% on top attractions including the city’s zoo, two aquariums, the Busch Gardens Park theme park and the science museum. Those wanting to enjoy nightlife should head Downtown for wining and dining right on the bay, with romance in the air and well-respected, hotel-approved nanny services widely available. If you’re only here for a short stay, or have a bit more time on your hands, Tampa will be able to keep you entertained and engaged by its range of tourist attractions all the year through.

What places to visit near Tampa?

Cheap vacation deals to Tampa can be made even more affordable by enjoying the fantastic natural scenery all round Tampa, meaning that you can get out and see the best of Tampa Bay for free! North along the Hillsborough River are numerous lakes, many focused on the 16,000-acre Lower Hillsborough Wilderness Reserve. While this is a freely available source of trial, hikes and riverways, you can have a day out on a small budget by packing a hamper and taking an expert guided canoeing escape. Drive north for less than an hour and you’ll find yourself at Green Swamp Wilderness Preserve, an archetypal Florida wetland of over 100,000 acres. You’ll find alligators, hog, deer and all kinds of rare insects, birds and small mammals to fulfil your inner nature-lover. Heading back towards the coast, the Tampa Bay area has some of the best ranked beaches in the country. Miles of sandy beaches await you, dotted with smaller towns and beachfront bars and eateries. Or, head over Tampa’s famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge and see St. Petersburg, home to some of the world’s finest examples of surrealist art, its very own parks and beaches and shopping strips. Whatever your plans or budget, a vacation to Tampa and its Bay area will have something to suit you!

What to eat in Tampa?

Tampa is home to a thriving Cuban community, and generations of talented chefs have created a fusion cuisine blending tastes you'd usually expect in Havana with homegrown fare. Be sure to visit Ybor city if this gets your taste buds tingling. The Bay area is home to hundreds of eateries, from traditional seafood joints to upscale waterside dining. Tampa also prides itself on its brewhouse culture, with craft beers of every stripe on offer, from microbrewery curiosities to world-class award winners. So, you can be assured that whatever your taste and budget, a vacation to Tampa will cater to it!