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Flight & hotel offers to Fort Lauderdale, FL

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New York
Newark - Nj
Gables Inn
03 Jun 2022 - 05 Jun 2022
Free Wi-Fi
TripAdvisor rating 2.5
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $258
Bikini Hostel, Cafe & Beer Garden
03 Jun 2022 - 05 Jun 2022
Free Wi-Fi
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $267
Motel 6-Miami, FL
03 Jun 2022 - 05 Jun 2022
Free Wi-Fi
TripAdvisor rating 3.0
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $268
Rodeway Inn Miami I-95
03 Jun 2022 - 05 Jun 2022
Free Wi-Fi
TripAdvisor rating 2.0
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $273
Pullman Miami Airport
03 Jun 2022 - 05 Jun 2022
Air conditioning in public areas
TripAdvisor rating 4.0
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $274
Richard's Motel Extended Stay
03 Jun 2022 - 05 Jun 2022
Free Wi-Fi
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $274
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Travel packages to Fort Lauderdale

Presentation of Fort Lauderdale

A popular resort city in Florida, flight and hotel packages to Fort Lauderdale are on offer year round. Flights to Fort Lauderdale depart from many major US cities. Frequent flights from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale run every day and you can reach the city from the West Coast in under five hours. By comparison, flights from New York to Fort Lauderdale take just over three hours. No matter where you are coming from, Fort Lauderdale offers the opportunity to enjoy the famous Florida sunshine in a relaxed and culturally interesting city. The settlement was founded in 1911 and has grown ever since with a population that now stands around 165,000 people. Added to this are the 12 million visitors which come to Fort Lauderdale each year. Most tourists are American, but the city also receives over 2 million overseas visitors in an average year.

In the latter half of the twentieth century, Fort Lauderdale gained a reputation for hosting boisterous students during their spring break vacations. These days, vacations in Fort Lauderdale tend to be much more relaxed affairs with a clientele which is more sophisticated. Couples, families and groups of friends currently make up the average tourist party. The city is well-known for its yacht manufacturing industry which is one of the most advanced in the US. It also has some superb beaches with fine sand, so book your flights to this upbeat destination today and explore them yourself!

What is the weather in Fort Lauderdale?

One of the primary reasons that vacation package deals to Fort Lauderdale are so popular is because of the local climate. The city enjoys tropical weather which means that consistently high temperatures are recorded. December, January, and February are the coolest months when the temperature gets to an average daily high of 77 °F. By mid-summer, the temperature in Fort Lauderdale reaches approximately 90 °F although the record temperatures for this time of year have been known to get into three figures. January and April are the months to book your vacation in Fort Lauderdale if you want to avoid rainy weather. These months see many fewer rainy days than at other times of the year. On average, June sees the most amount of rainfall with over 10 inches expected to fall in the course of the month. With such good weather, why not choose the city for your next getaway?

Things to do in Fort Lauderdale

All travel packages in Fort Lauderdale should include some great things to do, like taking a cruise on the New River, a delightful stretch of water that runs through the city. Several operators offer the chance to do this, some offering a dining experience as well as a sightseeing one. Head to the Bahia Mar Yachting Center for more information. Another good tip is to explore the city on a segway. Organized tours are put on for groups and everyone uses this mode of transportation to get around. You can cover a lot of ground this way. Fishing charters are also a fun activity to take part in. These can be organized from the seafront or at one of the nearby fishing lakes, such as Lake Trafford. Cheap vacation packages to Fort Lauderdale are available to book right now, so make your reservation without delay and get involved with the fun.

What to see in Fort Lauderdale in 2 or 3 days?

If you don't have much time during your vacation in Fort Lauderdale, then make sure you go for a walk along the river. It is a great way getting to know the city and you will discover plenty of hidden gems. Of course, one of the major attractions in the city is its wonderful beachfront. With seven miles of golden sands, no short vacation getaways to Fort Lauderdale would be complete without at least some time spent on the beach. Several of the larger city hotels have direct access to the beach, so it is easy to find. Finally, you should make sure you head to the Riverwalk Arts and Entertainment District, an area that the locals are rightly proud of. It can be found running off Las Olas Boulevard and it is the cultural hub of the city. Book your short break without delay.

What places to visit near Fort Lauderdale?

Vacation getaways to Fort Lauderdale don't only have to be focused on the city itself. There are plenty of things nearby to enjoy, too. A half-day excursion to the famous Everglades is well worth it. These swamplands offer some unique chances to see Florida's wildlife in its natural habitat and you don't have to travel far from the city to reach them. Another good idea for anyone on vacation to Fort Lauderdale is to take the 50-minute drive south to Miami. Like Fort Lauderdale, the city has a great reputation for music as well as its own superb beach. If you have a bit longer, then keep heading south to Key West, Florida's southernmost point which overlooks the Gulf of Mexico. Book your flight and hotel to this superb destination today.

What to eat in Fort Lauderdale?

With typically American food on offer everywhere, travel deals to Fort Lauderdale will suit everyone's tastes. Having said that, the Creole culinary tradition is strong in this part of the state, so expect dishes like shrimp and grits. Seafood is very fresh in the city with many restaurants simply serving the catch of the day. Adventurous eaters can try gator tail, a dish that is commonly served as a starter in the city. A favorite of all locals is key lime pie, Florida's zesty dessert which is now eaten all over the world. This far south, diners can also expect to find Cuban influences on many of the menus they will see. Plan your next flight and hotel to Fort Lauderdale and enjoy some of the local food as it is intended to be served.

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