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A one-in-a-lifetime vacation to Easter Island

Presentation of Easter Island

Easter Island is one of the most magical places in the world. Its legendary stone sentinels guard the cobalt coastline, celebrating the Polynesian culture and its passion for sea travel. The Moai statues are among the most recognised monuments in the world, but travel packages to Easter Island offer far more than historical heritage. The rich soil, beaches, and volcanic sites spread beauty from north to south, each meter of land offering its own set of pastimes. All inclusive vacation packages in Easter Island should include a little diving or surfing. The island is small enough to cover on foot, and if you’ve booked a flight from New York to Easter Island, the serenity will soothe away your city tension in mere moments.

Things to know before visiting Easter Island

Before you book your flight and hotel in Easter Island, you’ll want to prepare some loose hiking clothes and a well-worn pair of boots. The island is an open-air museum that demands a few easy hikes. Vacation packages in Easter Island should also clear plenty of time to spend in Orongo Ceremonial Village, which is surrounded by a massive crater overlooking the other islands in the area. The landscapes are dramatic, so before your flight from Los Angeles to Easter Island, prepare a good camera with a wide-angle lens. The famous Moai statues deserve to be seen, of course, but Rapa Nui National Park has its own archaeological sites and dead volcanic cones. Book your hotels well in advance if you’re visiting in the peak season from January to March.

What is the weather in Easter Island?

Your vacation to Easter Island will be as enjoyable in winter as it will in summer. The mild winter climate is ideal for horse-riding tours and hikes, and there are enough dry days for outdoor tours. The months between January and April enjoy low summer highs of 73 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you just the climate for a little watery fun. There’s rain throughout the year, but the driest months are between November and January. June and July are the wet months, so take some rainy weather clothes.

What to do in Easter Island?

If your travel packages to Easter Island are in February, the spectacular Tapati Rapa Nui festival will wrap you up in festive ambiance. You’ll experience Polynesian dance, sport, and music that will transport you back in time. You’ll also see the famous Taua Rape Nui triathlon, which is far more festive when you're covered in symbolic body paint. The summer months are ideal for surfing some of the best swells in the world. Visit the Kari Kari performers, who will tell stories of the island’s legends through dance. Orongo Lake is surrounded by birdman cult petroglyphs that demand exploration. If you’re an independent traveller, hire a mountain bike or motorcycle to carry you from site to site. Last minute vacation packages and a flight to Easter Island should also include visits to the old ruins and towns scattered along the coast.

Along the Eastern plateau of the island, you’ll find the extinct Maunga Pu A Katiki volcano and three additional domes. The Grotto of the Virgins is an easy walk over a small pathway, but only if you’re not scared of heights. The ledge drops startlingly down to the Pacific, presenting the kind of view most people only dream about. The heritage in this area is difficult to spot, so it’s best to arrange a guide for a full day’s hike.

What to eat in Easter Island?

Easter Island takes its gastronomy seriously and has a host of restaurants to prove it. Once you’ve disembarked from your flight to Easter Island settle in for a traditional fish or eel dish wrapped and roasted in banana leaves. Seafood is often baked over hot stones and served with a traditional cake called Po’e. Ceviche is a tuna dish served with soy or coconut milk. Fried tuna empanadas are often served with cheese and tomato, so if you’re craving something rich, dine out in Hanga Roa and Anakena. Vacation package deals in Easter Island will include convenient hotel restaurants, which frequently receive higher ratings than the region’s stand-alone offerings.

What to bring from Easter Island ?

Vacation getaways in Easter Island will expose you to traditional artisanship and crafts:

  • Anekena and Tahai have stone and wooden carvings.
  • The stores around Holy Cross Church often sell Moai replicas.
  • Rapa Niu locals sell exquisite wooden figures and leadership canes.
  • You’ll find a range of carved petroglyphs of the Birdman.
  • Don’t forget to shop for domestic wines.

Let us help you to take a little Easter Island heritage home with you!