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Flight and hotel packages in Bora Bora

Presentation of Bora Bora

Situated in the Leeward group of islands in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is officially designated as an overseas collectivity of France. Flights to Bora Bora often include the option of booking a hotel at the same time. This is because the island is geared up for tourism and much of the local economy is dependent on visitors spending their vacation dollars. A good many of the tourist developments on the island have been constructed around so-called motu, which offer mostly low-rise accommodation surrounding some of Bora Bora's sumptuous lagoons. In fact, Bora Bora is not just one island but a number of them that all developed from the same volcanic activity centuries ago. The most important of these is named Bora Bora Island. Others are called Tapu, Mute and Toopua to name but three. Each offers a tropical island paradise that is perfect for the vacation of a lifetime. Vacation packages in Bora Bora come suited to all sorts of budget, so why not investigate the availability of flights and accommodation to the island right now?

Things to know before visiting Bora Bora

Many flight and hotel packages to Bora Bora can be obtained from the US mainland. Flights from New York to Bora Bora are run by a number of operators. You can also obtain tickets for a flight from Los Angeles to Bora Bora, if preferred. Some services stop in nearby Tahiti and it can be worth stopping over and discovering this Pacific island, as well, if your schedule allows for it. The largest settlement on the islands is Vaitape where French is the main language. If you want to explore some other islands in Polynesia, then head to Vaitape's wharf where frequent ocean-going ferries depart on a daily basis. The population of Bora Bora is only just over 10,000 people so it is rightfully considered to be a remote place to visit. Nevertheless, travelers are rewarded by some stunning scenery and vacation getaways to Bora Bora are worth the length of time it takes to fly there from the US. Consider making your flight reservations to this beautiful island without delay.

What is the weather in Bora Bora?

Vacation deals to Bora Bora offer the chance to enjoy some truly great weather. The island's average daily high is always in the mid-80s °F. Because it is located south of the equator, the hottest months are usually December and January but the truth is that it is pleasantly warm no matter which time of year you might choose to book your vacation to Bora Bora. August enjoys the most hours of sunshine compared with the rest of the year. Rainfall does occur on the island because there is so little land nearby for clouds to form around. Having said that, rain tends to be light and not unpleasant to experience with everything soon drying off afterwards. Bora Bora is a humid place to visit. If you want to avoid the most humid times of the year, then come in the summer which means the equivalent of the North American winter. Fancy sunning yourself in a remarkable setting? If so, then you should book your flights to Bora Bora and relax in great weather conditions.

What to do in Bora Bora?

Because travel packages to Bora Bora tend to be aimed at the luxury end of the market, there are a good many activities that visitors can enjoy in style. If you choose to book one of the travel deals in Bora Bora which includes motu accommodation, then you will have instant access to the calm tropical lagoon waters right outside of your straw thatched room. A dip in the sea is a great way to kick off the day before breakfast! Snorkeling is a very popular activity for tourists to take part in. Even if you have never snorkeled before, the crystal clear waters of the island's lagoons mean that you will be able to spot a great deal of underwater life. Due to the shallow waters, some people don a snorkeling mask and simply place their head under the water to see what is going on beneath without even swimming. As you might expect, Scuba diving is also popular. You can take a course at an aquatic center and your hotel will undoubtedly have details of a local operator. Boating is also a great activity to enjoy. Why not hire a boat for a day and try your hand at game fishing? All these fun activities – and many more – await you once you've taken the plunge and made your vacation booking.

What to see in Bora Bora?

Vacations in Bora Bora should include a trip to the main town of Vaitape. Here, you can mix with locals in an environment which is typically French Polynesian. The Maohi Protestant Church located in Anau is worth a visit if you want to get off the beaten track a little. Matira Point is also a good place to seek out, especially if you love the serenity of an unspoiled beach. Some old infrastructure from World War II still remains on the island and you can get to this by hiring a 4x4 vehicle and driving it through the jungle terrain which makes up much of Bora Bora's hinterland. All vacation packages to Bora Bora should include a shark watching cruise, too. Why not book your adventure today?

What to eat in Bora Bora?

Most travel deals to Bora Bora include meals. Suckling pig is a favorite of islanders and visitors alike. Any vacation in Bora Bora ought to include a local delicacy, such as raw fish in coconut. On Bora Bora, this is usually prepared with tuna, but other fish are sometimes used. You will also find Chinese influences on Bora Bora's cuisine because of the settlement of Asian people there many years ago. Noodle dishes and roasted duck are both on the menu of many hotel restaurants. Make your next vacation a trip to wonderful Bora Bora!