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Presentation of Santa Cruz

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of culture, cuisine and serene surroundings, Santa Cruz is the perfect choice of getaway destination. This Californian city is an essential place to visit for any tourist looking to truly relax and unwind, with everything you’d expect of a cosmopolitan center alongside spectacular scenery aplenty. In addition to its bustling urban centers like Pacific Avenue and Downtown district, there’s a great choice of natural reserves and sprawling parks to explore, while you can count on many cultural attractions to keep every day of your trip packed with activities and entertainment. If you’re looking for flight and hotel Santa Cruz deals, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our selection of flights to Santa Cruz before selecting accommodation from our vacation deals online today.

Things to know before visiting Santa Cruz

If you’re looking to vacation in Santa Cruz, it’s worth keeping in mind a few essential travel tips. For one, Santa Cruz doesn’t have its own airport and is instead served by several nearby airports in the surrounding region. No matter whether you’re venturing in via a flight from New York to Santa Cruz or a flight from Los Angeles to Santa Cruz, chances are you’ll land at one of the several nearby airports in the region that provide a gateway to this historic city. These airports include San Jose International, Monterey Regional Airport, not to mention San Francisco International Airport. All airports have excellent ground transportation links for those looking continue their adventure by car after landing. Once you’ve decided on which of our vacation package deals is for you, you can start planning your trip in more detail.

What is the weather in Santa Cruz?

If you’re seeking balmy weather and sizzling temperatures, Santa Cruz is an ideal destination, whatever the time of year you’re planning to visit. Select one of our flight and hotel Santa Cruz getaways during any month and you can look forward to a warm Mediterranean-style climate when you arrive. In general, Santa Cruz enjoys an appealing climate, with warm and dry summers, along with cool winters. The summer average hovers around 62 degrees Fahrenheit, while the winter average is generally in the 50 degrees Fahrenheit region. Browse our brilliant range of cheap vacation packages and make your choice now.

What to see in Santa Cruz?

With our travel packages in Santa Cruz, you’ll be in line for some serious savings that you can put to good use exploring this beautiful city. There’s plenty to see in Santa Cruz, with a whole host of historic monuments and landmarks just waiting to be marveled at. For one, there’s many landmarks on the National Register of Historic Places here, including places like the Octagon Building, the Golden Gate Villa, not to mention the A.J. Hinds House. You’ve also got historical sights like the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and the Mission Santa Cruz to savor. With our vacation deals, these mesmerizing sights are just a few clicks away.

What to do in Santa Cruz?

Santa Cruz offers plenty of exciting attractions that will keep the whole family entertained and enthralled. With our flight and hotel packages in Santa Cruz, you’ve got the perfect founding block for a first-rate vacation getaway. Popular things to do in this city include trips to the Roaring Camp Railroad, not to mention the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. This popular stretch of coastline is home to the oldest amusement park in the state and is guaranteed to go down a storm with visitors young and old alike. If you’re after sun, sea and sand, there’s plenty of beautiful beaches to pick from in Santa Cruz. Try destinations like Cowell’s Beach, Waddell Beach and Pleasure Point Beach for starters. With so much on offer, you’ll have no trouble filling every hour of your stay in Santa Cruz. Browse our range of vacation deals now to get started.

What to eat in Santa Cruz?

After arriving into town thanks to one of our Santa Cruz flight and hotel packages, you’ll no doubt feel hungry. Thankfully, this city is packed with culinary delights that even the most die-hard gourmand would have trouble turning their nose up at. You’ve a premier pick of eateries in Santa Cruz, from classic fast food establishments to more refined restaurants for those after a more mature approach to dining. This is a city of big flavors and hearty feasts, with specialties including the humble taco, moreish waffles, BBQ beef and sizzling pizza all on the menu. Take the edge off a hot day with a chilled scoop of ice cream as you waltz along the boardwalk, or tuck into cosmopolitan delicacies when you’re in the mood for something truly spectacular for lunch. Whenever mealtime rolls around during your vacation getaway, you can count on something special in Santa Cruz. Browse our great range of vacation packages and make your choice online today.