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Jaco Sol Quadplex 11A 06 Oct - 08 Oct
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The Palms 603 06 Oct - 08 Oct
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Presentation of San Jose

San Jose is an attractive and bustling city situated in the west of the Central Valley district. It is the capital of Costa Rica, a Central American country with coasts on both the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean. It is sandwiched between Nicaragua and Panama to the south, and is famous for its lush tropical habitat and of course the sloth, found in its densest populations in the south of the country.

San Jose is a lively metropolis with fabulous restaurants and some incredible museums, street art and performers, all with beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. If you are lucky enough to be in San Jose on a weekend you mustn’t miss the Saturday farmers market, Feria Verde de Aranjuez, a spectacular food extravaganza with many organic fruit and vegetables on offer, as well as being a meeting place for local artists. Book your next vacation with us and we can advise you on the best hotel and flight to San Jose, both at the best prices.

Things to know before visiting San Jose

All Costa Rica requires of US citizens is that they hold a valid passport and a return ticket out of the country again, there are no visa restrictions. The Costa Rican colon is the local currency and although it is useful to have some local currency with you, you can use US dollars almost everywhere (although it is likely that your change will be given in colones).

Juan Santamaría International Airport is actually situated in the town of Alajuela, but as this is only 12 miles north of San Jose it won’t take you long to get in after your flight lands. There is an excellent 24-hour bus service into the city from the airport with at least 6 departures per hour, as well as local and airport taxis from stands just outside the terminal building. If you want a cheap vacation package, book your flight from New York to San Jose or flight from Los Angeles to San Jose to enjoy this vibrant city.

What is the weather in San Jose?

The weather throughout Costa Rica can vary hugely because it can be chilly in the mountains and tropical on the coast. However, in San Jose itself the weather is warm and in the high 70s or low 80s throughout the year. All you need to do is book your travel package to San Jose as soon as you can to enjoy this lovely weather and amazing country.

Things to do in San Jose

With its rich history and cosmopolitan feel, this city is an amazing place to visit. A stroll down Avenida Central will put you in the perfect place to visit museums, restaurants, parks and shops, as well as rub shoulders with the diverse culture that calls Costa Rica home. Both the National Museum and the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum are well worth a visit as they have many exhibits dating back 2000 years, and you can follow them with a rest in La Sabana Metropolitan Park, the largest in the country. We have many well-priced last minute vacation packages, so book your flight and hotel to San Jose with us today to see this magnificent destination.

What to eat in San Jose?

The incredible range of fruit and vegetables in this Central American country make for a very diverse menu. You could try casados in one of the small, local food stands known as sodas. Casados is a traditional rice and beans dish along with a choice of meat or fish making it filling, delicious and reasonably priced. Along with the coffee that Costa Rica is famous for, you should try pejibayes which are a type of palm fruit that are boiled and eaten with mayonnaise. Why not book a flight and hotel package to San Jose with us as soon as possible so that you can try this unusual snack?

What to bring from San Jose?

It goes without saying that coffee is Costa Rica’s favorite export, so picking up some authentic beans should be at the top of your list. If you are looking to save some money, try the Plaza Democracia for souvenirs. It is behind the National Museum and sells items for a fraction of the price you can find elsewhere. Also the Central Mercado is worth a look around as it has many stalls and shops selling bird feather paintings, carved wooden masks and, of course, chocolate. Book your flight and hotel to San Jose with us, and you will soon see how wonderful Costa Rica is for your vacation.