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A vacation in Cape Town

Presentation of Cape Town

Cape Town climbs onto the world’s 10 most beautiful city lists every year. Its coastline is cluttered with long white beaches, and Table Mountain beckons you inland. National Parks are scattered throughout the city, offering plenty for hikers to enjoy, and if you prefer a city skyline, it has all the nightclubs, malls, and restaurants you could hope for. As part of The Rainbow Nation, it’s rich with enough cultures to put the entire European continent to shame. Another of Cape Town’s nicknames is The Friendly City. Locals will welcome you with a smile and bring plenty of happy ambience to your vacation. Life goes on at a lazy pace in The Mother City, so when you book your flight and hotel in Cape Town, prepare for a sedate and relaxing journey. Locals pass their weekends over barbecues and surfing at one of its many bustling beaches. If you prefer to be beneath sea level, it also has premium scuba diving. Book flight and hotel packages with us to experience one of the world’s most beautiful cities.

Things to know before visiting Cape Town

Cape Town is a popular tourist destination, so it’s easy to be distracted by the more obvious sites. Of course, places like Table Mountain and the Winelands should be on your list of must-sees on your vacation to Cape Town, but don’t forget to travel into the townships to see Cape Town’s most culture-rich underbelly. This is where you’ll find the city’s jazz bands and local gastronomy. Take the Sunday train along the coast to enjoy a delicious meal with the railway clattering beneath your seat. Walk through Simon’s Town’s naval base and Kalk Bay’s winding streets to get to know the local artists, and take a trip to Truth Coffee to taste one of the world’s most celebrated cafes. One of the benefits of booking with eDreams is that you can book flights and rent a car so that you can take in the city at a leisurely pace. The Cape wouldn’t be as popular as it is if not for its people, so take a sociable tour through the city rather than racing from site to site. Call us today to put together a flight to Cape Town for your trip.

What is the weather in Cape Town?

Cape Town is as famous for its weather as it is for its people. The climate is pleasant, with warm, dry summers and mild, short winters. Summer is decidedly comfortable for all but the hottest days of the year. Spring and late summer might attract the most visitors, but winter opens up new opportunities for your trip, particularly if you’re taking a safari. You’ll see more wildlife, both from the beaches and at the many national parks in the region. Winter rains are relatively infrequent and well worth tolerating if you hope to view the Southern Right Whales. Connect with us to find out how to pack for the weather on your Cape Town vacation.

What places to visit in Cape Town?

All-inclusive vacations at the Cape Town coast come alive in July when the Southern Right Whales begin their migration to the chilly African coast. Dolphins perform their 'divide and conquer' hunting techniques while great white sharks gather for their biggest annual hunt just off Simon’s Town's coast. Cape Town has a vibrant surfing culture, so take a few lessons at the quaint Muizenberg “Surfer’s Corner” after breakfast. All inclusive vacations in Cape Town should always include the legendary wine estate, Groot Constantia, which has its own museum and some delectable cuisine. If you’re a hiker, The Table Mountain National Park Cape Town attraction will give you views of the entire city, but for an alternative experience for beginners, take a trip to Redhill’s hilltop lake in Silvermine. When you plan your flight from New York to Cape Town, leave plenty of room for a lazy break. You’ll almost certainly want to stay longer than you’d planned. If you want to experience the best the Western Cape has to offer, give us a call.

What to visit around Cape Town?

Vacation Deals in Cape Town will give you access to the surrounding areas, so your flight from Los Angeles to Cape Town will connect you with a number of exquisite regions surrounding the Cape. The Winelands of Franschhoek and Stellenbosch are only an hour or two’s drive away. Take a tasting tour and experience some of the world’s best wine pairing. Hermanus is equally close and offers the best land-based whale watching in the world due to its deep waters close to the beach. If you’re a fan of historical tours, The District Six museum and heritage tour will give you a charming view of the past. If you’re ready to experience the wild and windy city and its surrounds, connect with us about the most exciting travel packages that take you outside the city limits.

What to eat in Cape Town?

Vacation getaways in Cape Town will always feature gastronomy, particularly if you’re venturing into the townships and Winelands. However, don’t forget some of Cape Town’s most delectable cuisine: Cape Malay curries. The locals have spent many years reinterpreting their cuisine, and the results are exquisite. You’ve not truly experienced the city if you haven’t attended a barbecue or “fish braai” at Mzoli’s Place or The Backyard Lounge and Grill. Let us help you create the gastronomic tour of your dreams.