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Presentation of Jeddah

The principal commercial center of Saudi Arabia, the city of Jeddah is located in Makkah Province in the west of the country on the eastern edge of the Red Sea. It’s the country’s second largest city after the capital, Riyadh. Jeddah is an ancient city with a long and colorful history. Many artifacts are carefully preserved in museums and in mosques, minarets and other city architecture. As Saudi Arabia opens up to global tourism, it’s a city that's attracting an increasing number of foreign tourists, eager to soak up its exotic atmosphere and culture. At eDreams, we would like to offer you our first-rate travel package to Jeddah. Available all year, it includes a hotel and flight from New York to Jeddah or a flight from Los Angeles to Jeddah.

Things to know before Visiting Jeddah

US citizens need a visa in order to enter Saudi Arabia, so well before taking a flight to Jeddah, you should apply to your nearest Saudi consulate or embassy for a tourist visa. You’ll need your US passport, and it should have at least six months validity remaining as well as a couple of blank pages for entry and exit stamps. With those initial preparations out of the way, you can look forward to your flight to Jeddah in the exotic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Currency restrictions are in place in Saudi Arabia. If you bring more than 16,000 US dollars into the country, you must declare it to customs. The same rule applies if you leave with more than 16,000 US dollars. The language spoken in Jeddah, as in the whole country, is Arabic, but English is well understood at Jeddah’s tourist attractions and in tourist-class hotels and restaurants.

What is the weather in Jeddah?

Typical of the wider Middle Eastern region, Jeddah is hot. Temperatures in the city range from 68°F to 84°F in January and from around 80°F to 103°F in July. There is very little rainfall in Jeddah, and what little there is tends to occur in the cooler months from December to February. The city usually receives less than 2.5 inches of rain in a whole year. Choose when you would like to visit this great ‘city in the sun’ and we’ll arrange a first-rate hotel and flight package to Jeddah that will suit your plans, perfectly.

What to do in Jeddah?

There’s a lot to see and do in Jeddah. The historic district of Jeddah, known as Al Abad is a fascinating area to visit. Its markets are very enjoyable places to spend time in. They’re lively, noisy and colorful with an incredible range of merchandise for sale. For cultural interests, the Jeddah Regional Museum of Archeology is located in this area and contains a wealth of historical exhibits. Fakieh Aquarium on Cornich Road on the seafront is a must-see attraction in Jeddah, especially if you have children. It’s large, bright and contains numerous marine species. A visit to the aquarium is not only fascinating, it’s also highly educational.

Just a little further south is another terrific attraction that's loved by kids. Al Shallal Theme Park has thrilling rides and many other attractions. There are also several beaches and resorts on this road such as Sand Beach and Palm Beach that provide safe access to the warm waters of the Red Sea. For a spectacular view of the city, ascend the 820-foot TV tower to the observation deck. Jeddah has no shortage of attractions and a vacation in Jeddah will provide treasured memories for years.

What to visit around Jeddah?

For Muslim visitors only, the Middle East’s holiest city, Mecca lies 43 miles to the east. For non Muslims, nearby places of interest include Al Jumum a town with historical significance. The landscapes around here are interesting and you can arrange tours to visit some of the surrounding countryside.

What to eat in Jeddah?

Saleeg is a traditional dish from the west of Saudi Arabia that is very popular. Its made with white rice, broth, butter and milk and lamb or chicken. Other appetizing foods include shawarma, kofta, and magliya, the Jeddah version of falafel. Arabian fast food is also available from Al Baik, a fast food chain that serves broiled and roasted chicken, known locally as ‘broast’, and from Hot and Crispy, whose curly fries are very popular. There are also many places serving international cuisine, so you can find foreign-food restaurants such as Italian, American and other restaurants. Let our excellent travel package to Jeddah be your first step in getting closer to the dining delights of Jeddah.

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