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Presentation of Lagos

Lagos, the former capital and most populous city in Nigeria, is one of the most important financial centers of the African continent. It’s a port city on the West African - Atlantic coast with a fascinating history and a busy, bustling modern lifestyle. Due to ongoing city developments, Lagos is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for visitors from all over the world. The city has much to offer and a vacation in Lagos is an enjoyable and enriching experience. At eDreams, we specialize in offering dream vacations, and our travel package to Lagos is second to none. Start your adventure with a flight from New York to Lagos or a flight from Los Angeles to Lagos.

Things to know before visiting Lagos

To enjoy a vacation in Lagos, US citizens first need to obtain a tourist visa to enter Nigeria for up to 90 days. You can apply for it in person or by mail to any Nigerian consulate in the US. Before your flight to Lagos, make sure your passport has at least 6 months validity remaining and at least two blank pages for entry and exit stamps. Nigeria’s currency is the Nigerian naira, and Nairo banknotes come in eight denominations ranging from five to 1,000 nairos.

What is the weather in Lagos?

Due to its closeness to the equator and tropical savanna climate, Lagos experiences warm weather all year round. Temperatures in August, the coolest month, range from around 71°F to 83°F, while in February, the hottest month, temperatures range from 75°F to 91°F, so you’ll never feel cold during your vacation in Lagos. The month with the most rainfall is January, which gets around 12.4 inches of rain, while January receives just over a half inch of rain. Choose the most suitable time to visit Lagos, and check out our terrific travel packages to Lagos, which are available all year round.

What to do in Lagos?

There are many visitor attractions you can enjoy during your vacation in Lagos. Tarkwa Bay Beach is a great place to visit and enjoy many activities from swimming to watersports. For a cultural feast, visit the Nigerian National Museum. It contains a large collection of Nigerian art as well as some fascinating archaeological exhibits of the region. Omenka Gallery is another culturally-rich venue worth visiting. It displays contemporary art of Nigerian and international artists. For peaceful green spaces, you can’t find better than Freedom Park in central Lagos. The grounds of a former prison under British control, it’s now a beautiful open space for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Lagos is also home to a number of festivals held throughout the year. Depending on when you decide to visit, look out for festivals such as the Lagos Black Heritage Carnival and the Lagos Photo Festival. Music and dance is very important in Lagos, and artists display their talents at every opportunity, most notably the Lagos Jazz Series. Held in the month of April, the Lagos Jazz Series is a very important musical festival that showcases a range of dance and musical styles including jazz, rhythm and blues, hip hop, bepbop and afrobeat.

What to visit around Lagos?

For a fun day trip outside the city of Lagos, Dreamworld Africana is a superb 10-acre amusements and theme park in Lekki, a city located to the east of Lagos just south of Lagos Lagoon. With thrilling rides and other attractions, it’s perfect for adults and kids and can be reached by bus in just under an hour via the Lekki toll road. You can explore other interesting towns, too, such as Abeokuto, located around 60 miles north of Lagos. It can be reached by rail as well as by road and has some interesting historical buildings. To experience Nigeria's natural environment, there's the beautiful and wild, but very safe, Onigamba Forest Reserve, which is located around 50 miles north east of Lagos.

What to eat in Lagos?

The cuisine of Lagos is highly influenced by other Nigerian regions, and even other regions of Africa and the Middle East. Egusi soup is a favorite local dish. Its thickened with melon or watermelon seeds, leafy vegetables, tomatoes and meat and various spices. Amala, a yam-based dish mixed with flour, is another popular dish, not only in Lagos but all over West Africa. International cuisine is also readily available ranging from American-style fast food to Italian and French dishes. With our excellent travel package to Lagos, you'll have lots of choice of delicious eats throughout your stay in this fascinating city.

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