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Presentation of Marrakech

The fourth-largest city in Morocco, Marrakech is located in close proximity to the Atlas mountain range which is snow-capped even in summer. The area has been inhabited by people dating back to the stone age, although the city as it currently looks was founded in 1062. An economically active city, Marrakech is one of the busiest urban centers in the whole of the African continent. Anyone considering travel packages to Marrakech should know that it is home to a UNESCO World Heritage site. It is popular with tourists from both North America as well as Europe. Since Morocco was once a French colony, it remains a country where many French people visit as well as owning property.

Just under one million people live in the city and it has some sprawling suburbs. Most people on vacation getaways to Marrakech stick to the city center where the majority of the larger hotels and tourist sites are to be found, but exploring a little further is worth it. Book your flight to Marrakech and begin the adventure!

Things to know before visiting Marrakech

Marrakech is the same place as Marrakesh – they are just spelling variations. Arabic and Berber are the two main languages in use in the city. Vacations in Marrakech will usually mean needing to converse in French although English is spoken in major hotels. Some local people speak Spanish, as well. The airport is located about two miles away from the city center, so you will need to consider onward travel once you have arrived. A number of operators provide flights from New York to Marrakech although most will require a connecting flight somewhere in Europe or Casablanca, the country's largest city. The same can be said of a flight from Los Angeles to Marrakech. Tipping is important in the city but don't be surprised if a local asks for more. This is commonplace and should not be taken too seriously or as a sign that you have under-tipped. The local currency is called the dirham and there are plenty of ATMs available to use throughout the city. Don't put off reserving your flight and hotel to Marrakech.

What is the weather in Marrakech?

It gets hot in this part of Africa. Travel deals in Marrakech which are booked in the summer months are likely to see temperatures in the high nineties. The noted record high was 121.3 °F, although it must be said that this was exceptional. Even in mid-winter, the sun is strong. Therefore, you will need a sun hat whenever you choose to take your vacation in Marrakech. Rainfall is not commonplace in the city and you can reasonably expect no precipitation whatsoever from June to September. Even if it does rain, then it is likely to be brief. Sub-zero temperatures have been recorded at night during January and February but these are rare events. If you like sunny weather when you are traveling, then Marrakech is the city for you so make your booking right now.

Things to do in Marrakech

Any vacation in Marrakech should include a trip to the nearby Atlas Mountains. Organized hikes and walking tours are easy to book yourself onto. However, bear in mind that these tend to start early in the morning to avoid the heat of the day. If a bit more exhilaration is what you are after, then try your hand at quad biking over the desert sands. Dunes make for a great place to put these vehicles through their paces and there are several operators who hire them around the city. In addition, people on vacation getaways to Marrakech ought to consider going on a camel ride. It is not easy to mount these creatures, but once you have done so it is well worth the effort. Camel rides tend to be put together for groups, but you can opt for an individualized service, if preferred. Try it out once you have booked your dream vacation to such an exciting and diverse city.

What to see in Marrakech?

Exploring Marrakech is remarkable because in the old fortified part of the city there is just so much going on. Vacations in Marrakech are a feast for the eyes with so many stalls, vendors, and street entertainers to view. One of the top sights is the medina quarter which is a hive of activity. To get a break from the bustle, head to one of the many well-kept gardens for which the city is famous. The Menara Gardens are probably the most famous of these but the delightfully designed Majorelle Garden, situated on Avenue Yacoub el Mansour, is a great place to head to, as well. A visit to the Ben Ali Yusuf Madrasa and Museum during any vacation in Marrakech is also highly advisable. Make your reservation and discover these sights and many more for yourself!

What to eat in Marrakech?

Moroccan cuisine has plenty to recommend it, so avoid just eating the Western food if you have booked one of the all inclusive packages to Marrakech. Snails are something of a delicacy in the city and you should try them at least once. They tend to be served with a garnish of citrus peel, aniseed and mint. Tagines are widely used for cooking in. This means that meat is cooked slowly and makes the flavors blend. A lamb tagine will often be flavored with fresh coriander, parsley, and cinnamon. As most locals do not consume alcohol, tea drinking is often preferred as the social beverage of choice. In Marrakech, you can enjoy what is sometimes referred to as Moroccan whiskey. In fact, this is a very sweet mint tea. There are so many flight and hotel packages to Marrakech that you are bound to find something suitable, so begin your search right now and soon you could be enjoying the mouthwatering food of this remarkable city.

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