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Presentation of Mauritius

Located in the Indian Ocean, this idyllic island is perfect for a sumptuous and elegant getaway. With its white, sandy beaches and offshore islands that can only be reached by boat, you can swim with dolphins, spot rare birds, or just wander aimlessly among the exotic plant life. You can visit Indian temples or French colonial mansions, or even just relax in the sun with a glass of local rum, whatever takes your fancy. We have many flight and hotel packages to Mauritius so it is impossible not to find the ideal one just for you. It is easy to book your flight to Mauritius with us, and if you do you could be enjoying this luxurious destination very soon.

Things to know before visiting Mauritius

There are no requirements for US citizens to have visas before they arrive in Mauritius. Your passport will be stamped when you arrive and that will allow you to stay for up to 60 days, although it is such a beautiful island you will probably want to stay for longer.

The international airport in Mauritius is named after Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, a senior politician and leader of the movement which secured independence for Mauritius in 1968. It is 26 miles south of the capital but there are many shuttles and buses to and from hotels to make your transfer as easy as possible. Book your flight from New York to Mauritius or flight from Los Angeles to Mauritius with us as soon as possible and your cheap vacation package can start here.

What is the weather in Mauritius?

The weather in Mauritius is as to be expected with a tropical, balmy heat that is perfect for relaxing on one of its idyllic sandy beaches or wandering around one of its sleepy villages. It can get a little windy in the high summer months, but that only serves to cool you down. Mauritius is an excellent vacation destination throughout the year, so book a flight and hotel package with us now to enjoy the best of our travel deals.

Things to do in Mauritius

If you can bear to get up off your sun lounger, you will find many things to do around the island. Port Louis, the capital, is the perfect place if you want to indulge in a little shopping, but you can also visit either the Blue Penny Museum or the Natural History Museum which holds one of the few dodo skeletons left in existence.

Casela World of Adventures is an animal sanctuary famous for its big cats and over 100 African animals. Originally a bird sanctuary, you can now spend the day here experiencing what it is like to be a zoo keeper or taking a walk with the lions. If you have kids with you, La Vanille Nature Park is the ideal day out. An animal breeding park that allows you to hold their baby tortoises or even crocodiles and fruit bats, there is all sorts of fun to be had in these picturesque surroundings. If you can’t resist these treats, you should book your flight and hotel package to Mauritius with us now to make the most of this gorgeous vacation destination.

What to eat in Mauritius?

This tropical island has enticed many different peoples over the years, and nowhere is this more evident than in the cuisine. The traditional dishes are a mix of African, Chinese, French and Indian, and this is very obvious with the Mauritian curries. They are hot and spicy and full of flavor and, not surprisingly, often made with fish. Because fish is a staple ingredient in most dishes, another delicious alternative is the smoked marlin which can be found in many of the local restaurants. Book your travel package to Mauritius with us today and you’ll soon be experiencing the vacation getaway of your dreams.

What to bring from Mauritius?

The dodo may be extinct, but as it was a Mauritian native there are plenty of places you can buy a reminder of this unusual bird. Your family and friends will definitely be jealous of your trip to this amazing country, and if you take back a dodo t-shirt or bag I’m sure they won’t object to you reminding them how wonderful your vacation was.

As you may notice after you have been in Mauritius a while, rum is a firm favorite here. So in order to relive a little of your time on this sun-kissed island, you could bring back one of the many different-flavored, infused rums. Pink Pigeon or Chamarel are delicious and can be an instant reminder of your vacation. Book now with us and start your adventure as soon as you can.