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Flight & hotel offers to Guam

Get a taste of the Pacific with a vacation in Guam

Presentation of Guam

Welcome to one of the United States' Pacific Ocean territories, and we offer great flight and hotel packages to Guam. The island is part of Micronesia in the west Pacific, and has its own indigenous people – Chamorros – who make up over a third of the population. In fact, this is a very cosmopolitan island, with a large Filipino community as well. A major reason to take one of our all inclusive vacations in Guam is its natural beauty: thriving coral reefs with astoundingly clear water, spectacular sunsets, and excellent wild hiking. It's also easy to find great food to suit all tastes and budgets in Guam's many restaurants – and it's also easy to relax when you book your trip with us.

Things to know before visiting Guam

Although Guam is a US Territory, it's strongly recommended that you have a valid passport for your flight to Guam. In certain cases, other proof of identity and government-issued photo ID may be accepted, but a passport is the best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly after booking your flight and hotel in Guam. The territory is a pretty safe place, so during vacation getaways in Guam, you can simply take the usual precautions you would in the continental US. Your flight will land at Antonio B. Won Pat International Airport, a few miles east of Hagatna (formerly Agana). Get in touch with eDreams and we'll get you started!

What is the weather in Guam?

The territory has a tropical climate, but one that's moderated by the ocean. As such, you'll usually be free of extremes of heat after a flight from New York to Guam. On a vacation to Guam, you can expect afternoon temperatures in the low to mid 80s year-round, with lows in the mid-70s. This, together with the easterly trade winds that blow in the spring, help to keep the island comfortable for indoor or outdoor activities. If you're looking for a low-humidity break, consider traveling on our cheap vacation packages in the early months of the year; if you like it to feel hotter, try April through June. Whenever you go, book with us for an unforgettable experience.

Things to do in Guam

There's way more to do here than you might expect given the land area. By booking our travel deals to Guam at fantastic prices, you can discover:

There are plenty more places to explore with travel packages to Guam. For last minute vacation packages in Guam that don't mean compromising on quality, call us right now!

What to eat in Guam?

This is a place that could have invented the phrase fusion cooking, as you'll find with our vacation deals to Guam. Traditionally, islanders ate a mixture of fruit, rice, and meat – with plenty of fish – pit-cooked over heated stones. When Westerners arrived, they brought with them more fruits, nuts, and herbs. Today, Guam's cuisine is a mixture of indigenous, Filipino, American, and Spanish. Your vacation to Guam will certainly be full of flavor! As if that wasn't enough, there's even a popular Jamaican Grill! If you eat fish, the tuna here is sensational, while the king of desserts may be the Filipino-style banana lumpia. Whatever your tastes, let us at eDreams help satisfy them.

What to bring from Guam?

If you're stuck for gift ideas after a flight from Los Angeles to Guam, one fantastic suggestion is a local art piece from Hagatna's Chamorro Village. Try the Wednesday Night Market – open most days, despite its name – which is packed with locally-crafted products. Jewelry is also popular on our travel packages to Guam, as are fragrant soaps and oils. There's more to buy at the Guam Museum shop, including the superb Island Icons range of laser-cut 3D models and puzzles. And if you're visiting Two Lovers Point on our flight and hotel deals to Guam, make sure to pick up a high-quality picture, which you can mail home right after purchase. We're waiting to help you make it happen!