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Presentation of Perth

Laid-back, fun, and sun-soaked, Perth is a city you can't help loving. Our all inclusive vacation packages to Perth will take you to Western Australia's state capital, a thousand miles from any other large city but never feeling isolated There's just too much to do on our flight and hotel packages to Perth, whether it's the great water sports opportunities, spectacular beaches, or some of Australia's hippest nightspots. It's also one of the Southern Hemisphere's most exciting food destinations, plus has an arts scene to die for. Get away from it all and discover a real Aussie welcome with our fabulous range of deals.

Things to know before visiting Perth

US citizens need visas for a vacation in Perth, but it's simple. If you're staying for under 90 days, you'll need an Electronic Travel Authority; get one at a local travel agent or online. If you have a chipped passport, use the automated SmartGate system on arrival after your flight to Perth. Australia's unique and fragile environment means it's vital to keep the country free of diseases from outside. Immigration is very strict about this – make sure your clothes and shoes are totally free of dirt, and never bring in fruit or plants. Perth Airport is in the eastern suburbs, eight miles from downtown – book with us and you could be there sooner than you think!

What is the weather in Perth?

Perth's climate is perfect for spending time outdoors, with lots of strong sunshine – after your flight from New York to Perth you'll need that sunscreen! The hot sun is tempered by the "Fremantle Doctor" most afternoons, a refreshing breeze that keeps temperatures in the mid-80s Fahrenheit. A flight and hotel in Perth will see you in the sunniest major city in Australia, averaging over 3,200 hours each year. This is definitely a city with a sunny outlook, as you'll discover with our last minute vacation packages to Perth. It's warmest between November and April; the rest of the year it's a little cooler, though always warm enough to enjoy the great outdoors. Sound like your kind of place? At eDreams, we're waiting to help you get there!

What to see in Perth?

With our luxury travel packages to Perth, you'll discover a city where there's always something to see. You could easily spend weeks here, but here are just a few suggestions:

  • Perth Arena – striking, modernistic venue for concerts and sports
  • Nostalgia Box – hands-on videogame museum packed with retro consoles
  • Hay Street Mall – open-air shopping center, great for souvenirs
  • Northbridge – ultra-cool suburb with superb nightlife and a great bar and café scene
  • DNA Tower – climb the double helix for sensational views across Perth

Wherever you choose to go, our great travel deals for Perth will make it a vacation to remember. Call us today and see how we at eDreams can help you enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

What places to visit near Perth?

Great city though Perth is, there's also lots to do nearby. At eDreams, we'll make sure your vacation in Perth also lets you explore some of the regional attractions. For example:

  • Pinnacles Desert – eerie rock formations, koalas, and sandboard safaris
  • Bells Rapids – annual whitewater racing festival, plus great walking
  • Rottnest Island – stunning wildlife reserve with snorkeling, diving, and surfing
  • Swan Valley – beautiful rural area with river cruises and vineyards
  • Fremantle Arts Center – contemporary arts hub in a neo-Gothic building

You'll want to know that our vacation package deals to Perth will let you see all these great places and more. All you need to do is get in touch today.

What to eat in Perth?

This city's year-round warm weather means this is a wonderful city to eat al fresco, and travel deals to Perth will bring you to Western Australia's culinary hotspot. There are rooftop cafés everywhere, ideal for people-watching as you relax after a flight from Los Angeles to Perth. You'll also enjoy some great food along with your flight and hotel in Perth, with the likes of Jamie Oliver hosting restaurants. Perth's Indian Ocean location makes it a melting pot of cuisines – you can enjoy everything from pizza to fantastic seafood. Clams and octopus are popular, but don't worry if you're a veggie as there are also tasty Asian-inspired dishes like cauliflower curry. Many Aussies have a sweet tooth, so don't miss the local fudge – but first, let us at eDreams make it happen for you!