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Ariel House 29 Sep - 01 Oct
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Flights and hotels in Dublin

Presentation of Dublin

Dublin is the capital city of the Republic of Ireland, the jewel in the Emerald Isle’s crown. It’s the perfect vacation destination, a city which blends cultural history and modern, tourist-friendly convenience. If you’re looking to visit Europe, then a flight to Dublin is an ideal solution to start off.

Dublin is situated on the East coast of Ireland - a real coast to coast adventure if you take a flight from Los Angeles to Dublin - looking out over the Irish Sea towards Britain. Its history stretches back into the Middle Ages, and it is a city steeped in tales of Viking kings, rebellions and war with the English, as well as emigration to the United States of America. Dublin’s rich culture and history are a draw for tourists the world over.

The city itself places tourist-satisfaction at the top of its list of priorities. So, book a light today and see what Dublin has to offer!.

Things to do in Dublin

Dublin’s biggest export is alcohol, with Guinness and Jameson’s Whiskey being top names, and if that’s part of what inspired your flight to Dublin then get ready to enjoy some of the world’s most authentic and rewarding tasting experiences. Tours also introduce you to the history of drink in Dublin, with generations of the same family still working for these household names. In particular, the view of the city from the top of the Guinness Tower is truly spectacular - although its skyline might look surprisingly quaint, especailly if you booked your flight from New York to Dublin and are used to seeing major US cities!

A less well-known feature of the city is its big and beautiful Phoenix Park. Its combination of historical buildings, wide open fields and ancient woodland makes Phoenix an archetypal European city park. Its year-round calendar of events includes summertime bareback horse rides, Segway tours and horse-drawn carriages in the winter snow.

If you’re thinking of last minute vacation packages, perhaps without strict plans, then visiting Dublin to enjoy its nightlife is a brilliant choice. The main area for pubs, clubs and bars is the famous Temple Bar. It’s a tightly-knit riverside neighborhood of narrow cobbled alleyways and crowded pubs. Behind every door is a surprising little venue, from asian restaurants to clubs with underground DJ sets. So whatever your holiday goals, Temple Bar allows you to just turn up and let Dublin inspire you!

What places to visit in Dublin?

When it comes to places of interest, Dublin has a whole host of memorable locations.

How about Dublin’s oldest pub? With a history dating back to at least 1198, The Brazen Head pub is an atmospheric piece of history. You might be surprised to learn, though, that it’s also modernised throughout and is aiming to be one of the premier locations for live music, both traditional Irish and contemporary song.

Almost as old as The Brazen Head is Dublin Castle. While now a major part of the Irish government, the building itself and extensive grounds make a fantastic destination to include as part of your vacation getaway. If culture and history are really what you want out of a visit, then Dublin boasts world class galleries, museums and heritage centres. A visit must include The Irish Emigration Museum, to relive the journeys of our forebears to America. Another top choice is Kilmainham Gaol, a brutal prison with a history intertwined with the English rule of the 19th Century.

Right in the heart of the capital is Trinity College and its College Green. It is an oasis of calm in an otherwise busy and bustling international city. If being surrounded by 900-year-old and more tomes from Ireland’s history is your idea of a perfect vacation getaway, then seek out some of the fascinating library tours Trinity has to offer.

Places to visit near Dublin

Dublin is large city, with plenty to see and do on our all inclusive vacations. However, if you need a break from city life or just want a little adventure, the surrounding area is full of Irish charm. Just north is the coastal village of Portmarnock, and its biggest draw: the Portmarnock Golf Club. Founded in 1894 it is regularly declared one of the top golf courses in the world and - even if golf isn’t your favourite pursuit - the whole place is set in beautiful coastal scenery.

A few miles south you’ll find Powerscourt Estate. Constructed in the 1730’s, this magnificent example of grand historic building is set in almost 50 hectares of land. Not only does it boast beautiful gardens, but you’ll even find a spa on site offering complete pampering and relaxation.

So, even if you don’t stay in Dublin for your whole vacation, you’ll be sure to find something nearby to visit and enjoy!

What to eat in Dublin?

Dublin caters to any palate and budget. With cheap eats galore through to Irish cuisine infused with global flavours and exclusive dining, you can’t go wrong. There are many successful restaurants. For those on a bigger budget, book a table at Chapter One restaurant. And for those looking for local authenticity on a cheap vacation package, try Darkey Kelly’s Bar.

What to bring from Dublin?

Do you even need to ask? U.S. Customs allows travellers to return with up to a litre of alcohol per person for your own consumption, so stock up on whiskey and Guinness on your Dublin vacation. And, what trip could be complete without souvenirs like an Irish 4-leaf clover to sit on the mantle at home?