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Presentation of Edinburgh

Our travel packages to Edinburgh are the perfect way to get acquainted with Scotland’s magical capital city. Steeped in history, you’ll brush shoulders with ancient ruins, castles and even the highland wilds, all within a mile of the city center! Despite its age, Edinburgh is a meticulously well planned coastal city, with wide roads and great transport links, perfect for the tourist who likes to get around and do some sightseeing. It is built on a series of high hills, though, so will definitely suit those who enjoy walking - or even hiking - through town. Famous monuments litter the streets, alongside equally famous brands. So if you're ready to dive into Scotland's fascinating history and enjoy all the tourist amenities and activities you can expect from a major capital city, then a vacation getaway to Edinburgh is surely for you.

Things to know before visiting Edinburgh

Traveling to Edinburgh couldn't be simpler. No visa is required for United States citizens and you'll be flying into Edinburgh Airport, a busy international airport used to handling millions of customers each year. In fact, it is the UK's busiest airport for domestic travel, so it will have everything you should expect. Scotland's currency is the Scottish Pound Sterling, however currency from elsewhere in the UK, including the Great British Pound Sterling, is accepted everywhere.

It’s important to plan ahead when thinking of vacations in Scotland, as part of this nation’s charm is its rugged nature and climate. If you’ve taken a flight from Los Angeles to Edinburgh then expect to swap suntan lotion for sweaters, most of the year. But, much like anyone who takes a flight from New York to Edinburgh will know, Edinburgh is a city where colder winters can be matched with very warm summers. Scotland’s friendly and welcoming capital can be the perfect destination for those last minute vacation packages. So whatever flight to Edinburgh you choose, and whatever the weather, Scotland and its people are sure to be a delight.

Things to do in Edinburgh

If you’re considering all inclusive vacation packages for Edinburgh, then this city will not disappoint. Holyrood Park is a real piece of Scottish history complete with lochs, ruined churches and the beautiful Holyrood Palace, Queen Elizabeth II’s official residence in Scotland. You might be surprised to find that this wild highland is actually in the middle of Edinburgh city itself! Depending on the time of year, there are a whole host of cultural events, too. The summer months see the most excitement, with Edinburgh’s Military Tattoo, the Edinburgh International Festival of performing arts and its more famous ‘Fringe’ festival, which has grown to become the world’s largest arts festival with over 50,000 performances over 3 weeks. Why not pack your bags for a summer holiday you'll never forget, and see some of the world's best performers live and in intimate surroundings?

What places to visit in Edinburgh?

An Edinburgh flight and hotel package will put you right in the centre of this vibrant city. Its history stretches back many centuries, much of it preserved in the Old Town, with medieval shops still selling traditional wares today, such as Edinburgh wool. Another slice of Scotland’s heritage is found at Edinburgh Castle, whose restoration projects, galleries, armories and museums will keep you enthralled for hours. For fun for the whole family on your all-inclusive vacation package to Edinburgh, check out World of Illusions, 5 floors of mirrors, optical tricks and its unique Camera Obscura, giving you 360-degree views of the city. So whatever you look for in holiday, we're sure your vacation to Edinburgh will give you memories to cherish always.

What to eat in Edinburgh?

No Edinburgh vacation could be complete without sampling some of the local cuisine. While Scotland may be famous for the traditional haggis - whose ingredients may put off the unadventurous - it can also boast fantastic seafood, expertly matured beef and international food to suit any palette. Those with a sweet tooth will want to try 'tablet', a rich confectionery made famous in Scotland, as well as local fudges and the world famous - or infamous! - battered chocolate bars and sweets many takeouts offer across the city. Make your vacation getaway to Edinburgh complete with a dram of the world’s best whisky, available from many stores, ranging in price from a few dollars all the way up to rarities worth thousands of Scottish Pounds!

Areas to visit around Edinburgh

Edinburgh is located on the Firth of Forth, and it’s only a short rail journey over the famous Forth Bridge to visit the beautiful Lomond Regional Park or, for those really looking for adventure on their vacation to Edinburgh, there is the Loch Lomond National Park, 40 square miles of pristine countryside, where deer roam wild among ancient oaks up to the banks to the loch itself. If you are looking for cheap vacation packages, Edinburgh won’t disappoint. With so many free - not to mention spectacular - trips into Scotland’s beautiful natural world, you are guaranteed to make the most of your vacation on a budget.

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