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Presentation of Seoul

Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is situated in the north west of the country. It’s a major city with highly developed, modern infrastructure yet it has preserved much of its great historic culture and traditions. The perfect blend of the old and new, it has become a destination for visitors worldwide eager to soak up its unique oriental atmosphere, its traditions, and its modern facilities. A vacation in Seoul will bring you many exciting new experiences and provide a deeper insight into Korean culture.

Things to know before visiting Seoul

US citizens can enter South Korea without a visa for a stay of up to 90 days. To rent a car and drive in Seoul, US citizens must have a US-issued International Driving Permit (IDP) in addition to a full US driving license. The currency of South Korea is the Korean won and you’ll be dealing with banknotes of 1,000 up to 50,000 won throughout your vacation in Seoul. Check the US dollar exchange rate before your flight to Seoul so you can mentally make a reasonably accurate estimate in US dollars of anything you want to buy during your vacation Seoul.

What is the weather in Seoul?

Seoul experiences a wide range of temperatures through the year. The temperatures in the month of January range from 21°F to 35°F. In August, the warmest month, temperatures typically range from 72°F to 85°F. In Seoul, the wide temperature range is seen as a plus. The city feels very different between summer and winter. In summer there are many outdoors activities, while in winter, indoors attractions are much in demand, but there’s also a great outdoors vibe, and after a fresh snowfall, Seoul looks stunningly beautiful. Choose the time of year you want to vacation in Seoul. With our excellent all-year flight and hotel packages to seoul, you can take a flight from New York to Seoul or a flight from Los Angeles to Seoul.

What to do in Seoul?

If your vacation in Seoul takes place in the winter months, you can enjoy Ice skating at South Plaza Skating Rink and at Yeoui Ice Park. It’s terrific fun and very popular with visitors and locals. For exciting indoor activities, whatever the weather, check out some of Seoul’s many arcades, such as Rovio Korea in Gangnam. Have a mind-blowing virtual reality experience, and you’ll see that Seoul’s arcades aren’t just modern, they’re futuristic.

Seoul’s Buddhist temples and palaces are beautiful, and it’s well worth visiting a few while you’re in Seoul. Bongeunsa Temple in Gangnam is a must-see for its impressive architecture and intricate décor. So too is the 14th century Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is located in north seoul’s Jongno district near the National Folk Museum. See it all for yourself with our flight and hotel package for Seoul. You’ll be amazed at what’s available in the city.

What to visit around Seoul?

If you want to get away for a day, head to Everland in Yongin. It’s Korea’s largest theme park and is located south west of Seoul and can be reached by bus in around one and a half hours. Everland Resort has everything including thrilling amusement rides, sledding, safari park, kids’ village and much more.

For a day trip with a little more ‘edge’ to it, you can take an organised tour to the DMZ. This is the demilitarized zone that separates South Korea from North Korea. It’s heavily guarded by South Korean and US military forces, while the North Korean side is equally guarded by their military. There's no chance of crossing the border, but at least you can look across and see for yourself one of the world’s most sensitive areas. Photography is restricted in many parts of the DMZ, so always ask an official if it’s ok to take pictures.

What to eat in Seoul?

As Seoul is a world-class capital city, you can find an incredible range of foods, both international and local. The quality of international foods is high, but most visitors don’t travel all the way to seoul, just to eat burgers and fries. Local Korean food is the main attraction in Seoul, and it’s delicious. Try samgyetang, a delicious ginseng-chicken soup or Korean BBQ, known locally as Gogigui. It’s pork or beef-based and you can throw many vegetables or spices into the mix while it cooks at your table. It goes well with one of Korea’s favorite beverages, Soju, a strong and tasty rice liquor. With one of our terrific travel packages to Seoul, you can enjoy all the great tastes of Korean food, every day.