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Flight & hotel offers to Okinawa

Okinawa flight and hotel packages

Things to know before visiting Okinawa

Our flight and hotel packages for Okinawa are the perfect way to visit this beautiful island paradise. Okinawa is an island located roughly halfway between Japan and Taiwan in the East China Sea. The major airport you’ll fly into is Naha. If you take a flight from New York to Okinawa then expect a journey of over 20 hours, with stop overs, arriving in Naha 13 hours behind local time. If you go from the West Coast and choose a flight from Los Angeles to Okinawa you’ll arrive 16 hours behind local time and will have traveled for about the same amount – meaning you’ll arrive just after you’ve taken off! Plan your first day carefully, as you may want to catch up on rest.

US citizens can enjoy visa-free holiday travel for up to 90 days in Japan, so long as your passport is valid for your entire vacation and the departure home. And, if you’re traveling anywhere in Japan, be sure to exchange your dollars for Japanese Yen at a currency exchange, as you’ll definitely find plenty to spend your money on, from souvenirs to great days out! That’s everything you need to know before booking an Okinawa travel deal – so go ahead and book your flight to Okinawa now!

What is the weather in Okinawa?

Okinawa is a sub-tropical island, enjoying a slightly more temperate climate. Your vacation to Okinawa shouldn’t be spoiled by rain every day, nor all day long, even if you visit in the May-June rainy season. And the summers are balmy and perfect for the beach, and never too hot to put off visitors, so are undoubtedly the most popular months for tourists. The temperature doesn’t drop much below the low 60s all year round, so if you prefer milder weather, perhaps for hiking or seeing the island at a quieter time, consider a winter vacation getaway in Okinawa. But whatever the weather, Okinawa has an abundance of natural beauty and fascinating sights to see, so you can be sure of a fantastic vacation at any time.

Things to do in Okinawa

When you imagine a vacation to Okinawa, think tropical seas, sands and wildlife. From relaxing on sandy beaches to swimming with manta rays and other extraordinary marine creatures, with so much to offer, you should definitely consider one of our all inclusive vacation packages to Okinawa.

What places to visit in Okinawa?

Flight and hotel packages in Okinawa are often based in Naha, its principle city. There are many places to visit here, from peaceful seclusion to vibrant city buzz. If you want the former, then take in the grounds of the Shikina-en residence, a former home of the Ryukyu royal family with gardens, fountains and tranquility. To get a taste of the latter, then a trip to Kokusai-dori is in order. This busy thoroughfare of shops, bars, restaurants and markets boasts a vibrant night life where you can sip sake in karaoke bars or enjoy Western food and drink in style.

What places to visit near Okinawa?

As Okinawa is part of an island chain, its neighbors offer all sorts of exciting opportunities to think about including in your Okinawa travel packages. The second-largest island is Iriomote, whose surface is 90% covered by jungle. From trekking to wildlife spotting, this island will suit those with a sense of adventure. For those wanting to experience the unique traditions of these islands, a visit to Ishigaki or Taketomi islands allows you to explore the ancient art of Minsaa weaving. It has been passed down by each generation and now you can unwind into this peaceful activity yourself! So whether this is a meticulously planned occasion or a last minute vacation package to Okinawa, you’ll find the local islands have all you could want to keep you entertained.

What to eat in Okinawa?

No vacation to Okinawa could be complete with out tasting some of the world class local cuisine. World famous wagyu cattle roam the hills, whose unique flavor and texture make it some of the most expensive beef in the world - but not here, where it is an affordable local dish. And for those looking to sample the authentic local alcohol, look no further than awamori - similar to rice-based sake, but often with a richer, wider range of flavors as it includes other ingredients. Okinawa's warm climate has also given rise to a wise variety of refreshing local beers, too. So, whatever your taste-buds desire, the fantastic local fare on offer in Okinawa is sure not to disappoint.

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