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Presentation of Hong Kong

A truly unique travel destination, flight and hotel packages to Hong Kong are available from many US cities. It is possible to book a direct flight from New York to Hong Kong, a journey which takes about 16 hours. From the west coast of the US, a flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong would take a little over 15 hours. Part of China, Hong Kong was a former British colony and much of the city has a different feel from anything you would find in the rest of the country. Having said that, Hong Kong is a truly Chinese city despite being so cosmopolitan. The city covers just 426 square miles into which its population of 7.4 million inhabitants all live and work. As such, it is an intoxicating place to visit and the most densely populated urban area in the world.

Due to its relatively small size, Hong Kong's architects have built upwards. The city has the greatest number of skyscrapers in the world. Visitors are often impressed by the modern architectural styles on show in the city. Because it faces the ocean, Hong Kong's cityscape is one of the most dramatic and recognizable in the world. The city is an important commercial center, specializing in financial services, imports and exports. Why not consider booking one of the many vacation packages to Hong Kong today?

Things to know before visiting Hong Kong

People seeking travel deals to Hong Kong should know that the city has its own currency. The Hong Kong dollar is legal tender in the city. However, travelers will find it easy to exchange US dollars for local money throughout the city. Two languages are officially recognized in Hong Kong: Cantonese – which most people speak – and English. American visitors will notice that British spellings tend to be used by most locals although a heavy Cantonese accent is usually apparent when speaking. Getting around the city is easier than you might expect. The best way of traveling is to use the public transport network which is clean and well-maintained by the authorities. Taxi rides tend to be best avoided during the rush hour when the city can become gridlocked. All flights to Hong Kong touchdown at the busy international airport which sees arrivals from over 100 airlines globally. Any vacation in Hong Kong represents the trip of a lifetime for many, even those who have been overseas many times before, so book your travel to this flourishing city right now.

What is the weather in Hong Kong?

January and February are the coolest months to visit the city. At this time of year, visitors who have booked travel packages to Hong Kong can expect daily high temperatures of around 66 °F. From April, the temperatures start to get significantly higher. June, July, and August are the hottest times of year to book a vacation in Hong Kong. During the summer months an average of 13 daylight hours can be expected before the cooling air of the evening becomes apparent. In the summer, the city sees some thunderstorms as humidity builds up and weather patterns from the south start to head north. If you want a dry but pleasantly warm time to travel, then fall will probably suit you best. Book your flights today and make Hong Kong your next exotic travel destination.

Things to do in Hong Kong

Vacation getaways in Hong Kong can be packed with activities. Two theme parks operate in the city, Ocean Park and Disneyland. Both provide excellent entertainment for families, especially if they are traveling with younger children. A trip across the city's famous Star Ferry is something that no one on vacation in Hong Kong should miss out on. Time your journey out onto Hong Kong Bay for when day turns to dusk and see the city light up in front of you. Another good tip is to book a trip on Hong Kong's famous Observation Wheel. This is a huge Ferris wheel near to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum. It gets busy, so reserve your place in advance. Discover the many things to do in the city once you have booked your flight and hotel. Don't delay!

What to see in Hong Kong?

Victoria Peak is a superb place to see the city from a great vantage point. No vacation in Hong Kong is complete without a trip to the top which can be accessed easily via the Peak Tram which has run since the end of the nineteenth century. Lantau Island is well worth seeking out, as well. This is accessible via a purpose-built cable car system which takes you out over the water. The tranquil island offers some respite from the bustling city. Temple Street Night Market is the complete opposite. This is the real heart of the city with many great sounds, sights and smells. Browse the many vacation packages to Hong Kong that are on offer and book your flights today.

What to eat in Hong Kong?

All inclusive vacations to Hong Kong will give you the chance to sample some outstanding Asian cuisine. However, to get the true flavor of the city, you will need to venture out to its street markets where so much traditional Cantonese food is on offer. Try sweet and sour pork, one of the most famous dishes in the city, from a street seller for an authentic taste of Hong Kong. Rice noodle rolls make for a great lunchtime snack, too. Tea is a popular drink in the city, served in many restaurants. It is usually taken in the British style – with milk. Yuenyeung is another beverage to try out. It is made from both coffee and tea. Look for travel packages to Hong Kong and make your booking now to enjoy some of the best Asian food you will ever experience!