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Flight & hotel offers to Savannah, GA

Flight and hotel packages to Savannah

Presentation of Savannah

If you opt for one of our all inclusive vacation packages to Savannah GA, you’ll be welcomed by one of the most tourist-friendly destinations, capturing all that’s best about that ‘olde worlde’ Southern hospitality. When you imagine Savannah, think quintessential Southern charm, with a pinch of East Coast easy living. Your vacation to Savannah will not disappoint, especially if you’ve searched out locations which boast fantastic local culture, cuisine and ample opportunities for relaxation. So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight to Savannah today!

What is the weather in Savannah?

Anyone taking a flight from New York to Savannah will know exactly what it’s like to experience warm summers and cooler winters. Temperatures can dip below freezing in the winter months and reach high into the 90’s by July. While these temperatures might be just what you had in mind - balmy evenings on the veranda, snowy winters tucked up by the fire - the peak tourist seasons for Savannah are between April and May and September to October. Choose these months to enjoy gorgeous temperate weather that’s practically guaranteed to suit all tastes. Just bear in mind that if you’re lucky enough to enjoy the wall-to-wall sunshine of someone taking a flight from Los Angeles to Savannah that it’s often cloudy here. This helps to ensure that when you book your vacation getaway to Savannah you’ll know it will be warm and mild, and not excessively sunny.

Things to do in Savannah

This city boasts a whole host of activities to suit everyone, making last minute vacation package to Savannah as viable as carefully planned out family holidays. Make the most of Savannah’s wealth of natural beauty by indulging in a famous riverboat cruise. It’s the perfect activity, whether you’re celebrating a special event or anniversary, looking to unwind with fine dining, or want an entertainment-packing evening. You’ll be whisked from the center of midtown along the Savannah river, meandering slowly through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge as tourists have done for many decades. The Wildlife Refuge itself is a wonderful excursion, with miles of treks, hikes and biking trails, although the Savannah National is far from the only park nearby - you’ll have your pick of outdoors experiences on any vacation packages to Savannah.

What places to visit in in Savannah?

Your vacation package to Savannah can include a whole range of exciting places of interest to visit. River Street, a riverside strip of converted century-old warehouses, is home to Savannah’s exciting heart of brew pubs, sophisticated inns and great local restaurants. It is also home to its share of hidden gems, such as tucked away galleries and historic guided tours. Speaking of history, Savannah’s historic district is right at the center of the city. Pop-up concerts, theaters and festivals bustle through America’s largest National Historic Landmark District. A few blocks north, you’ll find City Market. While you can still find incredible souvenirs and market traders in the day, it’s at night that this area truly comes alive, abuzz with nightly music performances, upscale restaurants, cafes and bars, and the heart of the city’s nightlife. So whatever your reason for visiting this beautiful city, your vacation to Savannah will have plenty to keep you busy!

What places to visit near Savannah?

A flight and hotel package to Savannah, based in this vibrant city, gives you access to a wide range of places to visit during your vacation. A little out of town is Hunter Army Airfield, which offers informative tours around their 11,000 feet air strip and 350 acre aircraft parking area, with modern military equipment alongside some veteran planes, too. Head north on Route 95, through the Savannah National Wildlife Refuge and into the Lowcountry to visit Hilton Head Island, home to even more authentic charm as well as its Old Lighthouse and Museum. And, just in case your kids need to blow off steam, then there is the Fun Zone Amusements and Sports Park, just a little north out of town. This indoor-outdoor family destination has enough going on to keep children of all ages amused for hours on end.

What to eat in Savannah?

Savannah’s food scene has always focused on the abundant seafood available locally. Dining Savannah-style means flavors and dishes from all over the world, along with distinctive Lowcountry cuisine and fresh seafood. If you want to enjoy the kind of food that has widely gained the reputation of the best food in the South, then book your vacation to Savannah today!

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