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Presentation of Charleston

Charleston is the largest and most historic city in South Carolina. In fact, this centuries-old city was once one of the largest settlements in North America. It might have fallen in the rankings over the years, but this stunning city hasn’t forgotten its roots. This is a destination rich in American history, with landmarks and architecture dating back to the late 1600s. Book flight and hotel Charleston packages with us and you can look forward to a fascinating insight into one of the oldest cities in the United States, as well as a remarkable restaurant scene and one of the warmest welcomes you’ll likely find anywhere in the country. Browse for a flight to Charleston, pick the perfect accommodation for your stay, and start counting down the days until your vacation getaway begins.

Things to know before visiting Charleston

If you’re itching to start your adventure with one of our flight and hotel Charleston deals, it’s worth familiarizing yourself with your arrival point. All inbound flights to this historic city in South Carolina arrive into Charleston International Airport, located approximately 12 miles northwest of the heart of town. This bustling airport offers first-rate facilities and amenities, while its proximity to the interchange of Interstate 26 and Interstate 526 makes it incredibly accessible by road. If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or relative picking you up once you land, you’ll be pleased to know this airport offers free parking for passenger pickups. If you’re looking to continue on with your journey by car, you’ll also be satisfied with the impressive selection of rental car options available at Charleston International. Ideal if you’re heading in on a flight from LA to Charleston and want plenty of freedom upon arrival.

Looking for a public transport alternative instead? There’s no need to dread a lengthy wait for buses after heading in on a flight from New York to Charleston or from further afield. Make quick work of hotel transfers with reliable bus services that connect the airport terminal to popular destinations throughout Charleston and the surrounding area. With services commencing at 6:00 a.m. each morning and running until midnight each day, catching the bus to your next port of call is an ideal way of saving even more money after booking a cheap vacation package online with us.

What is the weather in Charleston?

Unfamiliar with the climate of South Carolina? If you’re interested in exploring our flight and hotel packages in Charleston further, it’s worth thinking about what kind of weather works for you. Charleston enjoys a humid subtropical climate. That means you can expect hot and humid summers with an average July temperature of approximately 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Looking to enjoy one of our all inclusive vacations in Charleston during the winter months? This part of the country benefits from relatively brief winters and mild temperatures. Expect the mercury to hover around an average 75 degrees Fahrenheit in December. Sound enticing? Browse our deals and book now.

What to do in Charleston?

Due to its rich history and heritage, you’ll never struggle to find something interesting to do in Charleston. However, with so many historical marvels to discover, it can be tricky to fit the most inspiring sights into a tight schedule. If you’re looking forward to a vacation in Charleston and want to savor the very best this city has to offer, consider booking yourself on a walking tour of its most iconic landmarks. Prefer more scenic surroundings? Due to its proximity to the coast, you’ve ample choice of maritime adventures here. With the money you’ll save on one of our last minute vacation packages, you’ll be able to indulge in a day-long sailing cruise upon Atlantic waters, or comb beautiful beaches on shell hunting expeditions with the little ones. Come the evening, head to Downtown Charleston to experience a bustling nightlife scene and feel welcomed by that well-known Charleston hospitality.

What to see in Charleston?

There’s countless historical sites and museums to visit during your Charleston vacation, with top spots including the centuries-old Charleston Museum and the Gibbs Museum of Art. Here you’ll find a stunning array of artworks from across the decades and centuries, with a keen focus on the very best output from American’s finest artists. You’ll also want to make some time for a fleeting visit to the Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum in neighboring Mount Pleasant if you’re keen on military history. You’ll never run out of things to do here, so why not browse our flight and hotel deals online today and find the perfect package for you.

What to eat in Charleston?

Book one of our flight and hotel packages in Charleston and you’re in for a gastronomic adventure to remember. Look forward to quintessential Lowcountry cuisine by the bucket-load, with a diverse range of dishes and eclectic flavors influenced by far-flung cultures from across the globe. With the briny Atlantic waters nearby, it’ll come as no surprise to find a stunning selection of seafood on offer here, with favorite feasts including shrimp and grits, oyster roast and crab cakes. There’s no excuse for not savoring local specialties like She-crap soup and Charleston Red Rice while you’re in town either. Browse our pick of last minute vacation packages online today and find a getaway on a date to suit you.