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Presentation of Medellin

The capital of Columbia’s Antioquia region, Medellin is the country’s second largest city. It’s located in the Northern Andes mountain range and sits at an elevation of almost 5,000 feet. Medellin has come a long way in developing its infrastructure, which was poor until the turn of the century. City transport systems are now extensive and efficient, and international air traffic is served by Jose Maria Cordova International Airport, the second largest airport in Columbia. Tourism is an industry that the city now proudly promotes, and we at eDreams are pleased to offer you our excellent flight and hotel package to Medellin. With great facilities and the natural beauty of its mountainous surroundings, Medellin looks set to become a major tourist destination offering new experiences.

Things to know before visiting Medellin

US citizens don’t need a visa to enter Columbia for a stay of up to 90 days. A valid US passport with at least one blank page remaining is all you need, so you should check that before your flight to Medellin. Currency regulations apply to those entering the country which prohibit you from taking more than $10,000 into or out of the country. If you’re taking prescribed medication, you should check with the Columbian embassy or consulate that you can legally take it into Columbia. Overall, there’s very little red tape involved in traveling to Columbia, and you can look forward to a fantastic vacation in Medellin. Our travel package includes a hotel and starts with a flight from New York to Medellin or a flight from Los Angeles to Medellin.

What is the weather in Medellin?

Medellin’s climate is classed as a tropical rainforest climate. Being so close to the equator, Medellin gets warm weather all year round, but thanks to its elevation, it doesn’t get too hot and maintains a spring-like climate throughout the year. Temperatures range from 63°F to 82°F and Rainfall averages around 69 inches per year, with the months of October and May seeing more rain than other months. Choose the time of year that’s most suitable. Our travel packages to Medellin are available throughout the year.

What to do in Medellin?

Medellin has many great parks and plazas all over the city, and its pleasant weather makes it a joy to spend some relaxing time in them. The Jardin Botanico in downtown Medellin is a lovely botanical gardens with a small picturesque lake and a butterfly house. Also in this area is Parque Explora, a science museum with interactive exhibits that are fascinating and very educational, too. While you’re in the area, check out the Planetario de Medellin, an amazing planetarium that’s administered by Parque Explora and also features interactive attractions. No vacation in Medellin would be complete without taking a ride on the Metro Cable. This is is a cable-car transport system that was built to provide nearby mountain communities with convenient access to the city. It’s an enjoyable ride with great views of the city.

What to visit around Medellin?

Arvi Park, just a little northeast of Medellin, is a large eco-tourism nature reserve. It has miles of trails through natural forest that you can explore by hiking or on horseback. There are also organized nature tours you can take in the park with a guide pointing out species of wildflowers, birds, butterflies and any other wildlife you’re likely to come across. Other out-of-town trips include the colorful pueblo of Guatape about a two-hour drive from Medellin. Its lake is also pretty and you can take boat tours on it to view the surrounding area. It’s a terrific area to explore, and with our excellent flight and hotel package to Medellin, you can be on your way to exploring all that Medellin and its beautiful surrounding areas have to offer.

What to eat in Medellin?

A vacation in Medellin gives you many opportunities to explore the local cuisine. Try a delicious snack called bunuelos, bread balls made from a mixture of dough and cheese. When freshly fried, they’re irresistible. Far more substantial is ‘bandeja paisa’, a very filling and appetizing meal containing chorizo, egg, rice, beans and blood sausage, plantain slices and salad. Desserts and sweets are very popular in the city, too, and both ice cream and chocolate are much favored ingredients. Look for ‘negra intenciones’, a mouth-watering chocolate cake with arequipe and served with strawberries. Then finish off your meal with a cup of world-famous Columbian coffee. Medellin has no shortage of restaurants serving great food, and El Herbario is one that focuses on healthful, vegetable-based dishes suitable that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It also specialises in seafood dishes.