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Sky View Villas @ Edmund Ridge Estate 09 Aug - 11 Aug
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Pretty Heyday apartment 09 Aug - 11 Aug
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Deluxe Haven 09 Aug - 11 Aug
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Takuma Boutique Hotel Rooms & Suites Jamaica 09 Aug - 11 Aug
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The Whytehouse Villa 09 Aug - 11 Aug
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Deja Resort All Inclusive 09 Aug - 11 Aug
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From $813
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Vacation in Montego Bay

Presentation of Montego Bay

For any flight and hotel in Montego Bay you will travel to the north of the beautiful island of Jamaica and spend time in one its most famous and popular resorts. The resort city is served by its own airport, Sangster International, and so a flight to Montego Bay does not required visitors to make a lengthy transfer. The fourth-largest center of population on the island, the resort is the capital of Saint James parish in the middle of Cornwall county. It is well-known for its excellent beaches and its many high-quality hotels. In addition to tourists from the US, Montego Bay is popular among other international visitors, especially British ones. All inclusive vacation packages in Montego Bay are as attractive to Europeans as they are to Americans so don't delay in booking yours.

Things to know before visiting Montego Bay

Unlike many places in the Caribbean Sea, Montego Bay is an Anglophone resort. As such, it is easy to make yourself understood. The local currency is the Jamaican dollar although some places you might visit in the area will also accept US dollars. A direct flight from Los Angeles to Montego Bay takes about five and a half hours. By comparison, a flight from New York to Montego Bay is an hour and a half shorter. The economy of the city is strong with many large employers operating outside of the tourist sector in the wider area. Therefore, a vacation in Montego Bay is not necessarily your usual resort-based one where tourism is one of the few ways locals make money. Search for the latest travel deals to Montego Bay and discover its unique charm for yourself.

What is the weather in Montego Bay?

With a tropical climate, anyone booking travel packages to Montego Bay should be prepared for hot, sunny weather. Take plenty of sunscreen and some light, loose clothing to cover up with during the heat of the day. September and October are the rainiest months in this part of Jamaica. However, few vacations to Montego Bay are ruined by bad weather. It is hot all year round with the temperature rarely dipping beneath a daily high that is in the eighties even in mid-winter. April and May enjoy a good number of average daily sunshine hours so this is a great time to come before the heat of summer really kicks in. Book your trip to this island paradise without delay!

Things to do in Montego Bay

Once a flight and hotel in Montego Bay have been booked, you'll want to work out what to do during your stay. Snorkeling on Doctor's Bay Beach is a popular thing to do when in the area. You can hire anything you might need locally. Jeep safari adventures are also on offer from a couple of operators. Just ask at your hotel for times and recommended tours. For the adventurous, there is a cool new zip wire attraction which has opened up. It includes a chance to ride a 1,600-feet cable across the jungle. You are guided through a series of zip wires, each more exciting than the last. Anyone on vacation getaways to Montego Bay should at least check it out. Why not book your vacation right now?

What places to visit near Montego Bay?

Negril, to the extreme west of Jamaica, is within striking distance for anyone on one of the many travel packages to Montego Bay. It is famed for its soft sand beaches and for its relaxed atmosphere. Take the coast road to it and pass by Lucea which is about an hour from the city. This town is home to Fort Charlotte, originally built by the British. There are many waterfalls and small, secluded beaches to find in the immediate vicinity of Lucea. In the other direction, visitors will come across Falmouth, a bustling town with a small, commercial port and a lively atmosphere. Why not look at the last minute vacation packages to Montego Bay on offer today?

What to eat in Montego Bay?

Even those on all inclusive vacations to Montego Bay should check out a couple of the local restaurants in the resort, such as the Pelican Grill or Robbie Joseph's Seahorse Grill. Both offer fine examples of local food as well as dishes for an international palette. Jamaican food tends to be spicy, served with a heavy seasoning, known locally as 'jerk'. Dumplings, cod and goat are all common things to see on a menu. A type of pasty, called 'patty' on the island, is sold everywhere and this makes for a great lunchtime snack. Try a spiced bun, another local favorite, during your vacation in Montego Bay, too. Nothing could be more typically Jamaican. Don't delay and book your next break now.

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