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Travel packages to Punta Cana

Presentation of Punta Cana

Vacation getaways to Punta Cana are extremely popular from the United States as well as Europe. Situated in the Caribbean Sea, a flight from New York to Punta Cana is just a little over four hours. Other flights to Punta Cana from US cities further south are considerably shorter, making it an ideal vacation destination. Even flights from Los Angeles to Punta Cana are not too long and regular services provide air travel to this stunning resort. In fact, the town is one of the most visited by US tourists in the whole of the Dominican Republic. Situated in the far east of the country, Punta Cana has a population of around 45,000 inhabitants with this number swelling from time-to-time due to the influx of overseas visitors. Part of La Altagracia Province, the resort town is on the coast and it is blessed with a number of golden sand beaches that are unspoiled despite the development work that has gone on in recent decades. Why not book your next vacation to Punta Cana and enjoy wandering along them with a loved one?

What is the weather in Punta Cana?

Due to its great climate, flight and hotel packages to Punta Cana will almost always guarantee good weather. Officially designated with a tropical climate, the town enjoys a fairly constant temperature. The sea is a great to dip into for a swim no matter what time of year you choose to make your trip. Throughout late summer and early fall, the average daily highs are in the upper 80s °F. The town's record high was recorded in July and its record low in February. Having said that, winter vacation package deals to Punta Cana are often chosen because it tends to be less hot and humid. Even in an average January, for example, you can enjoy an average daily heat of 76.6 °F and the average number of sunshine hours in January, February or March is not very different from what you might expect in August or September. October is the wettest month in the town with an average rainfall of just under six inches to be expected but, even if you experience rainfall, then it is likely to be brief. Enjoy Punta Cana's superb weather by booking your trip today.

Things to do in Punta Cana

Vacation deals to Punta Cana of all kinds are likely to offer accommodation in close proximity to one of the resort town's excellent beaches. As such, many of the fun things to do in the town are water-based. Try your hand in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea where you will be able to spot a wide range of wildlife including some brilliantly colored angelfish. Party boat cruises are a popular thing to take part in, especially for those on vacation in Punta Cana with something to celebrate. Windsurfing lessons can also be booked quite easily from a number of operators on the beach, or from your hotel – most will recommend a reliable windsurfing school nearby. Some boat hire operators also ply their trade from Punta Cana. You can charter one to try your hand at game fishing, or to simply travel out into deeper water in search of dolphins which you can swim with. Don't hesitate to reserve your flights to this tropical paradise.

What to see in Punta Cana?

In addition to is beautiful coastline, which no vacation in Punta Cana should miss out on, the resort has plenty more to see. Exploring the island's hinterland is a good example of the sort of thing that people who have booked vacation deals to Punta Cana tend to opt for. Safari tours into the Dominican Republic's lush rainforests are highly recommended. For the more adventurous, a horse riding session into the undergrowth is possible and this makes for a great way to see the island and cover lots of ground. All of these sights are within easy reach from the town itself. If you head north from the town, then you will reach the village and beach of Cabeza de Toro. This place offers an insight into what Punta Cana would have been like years ago and it is quite easy to get to with a leisurely stroll before returning to the resort itself. Make your booking right now!

What places to visit near Punta Cana?

Two smaller islands that make up part of the Dominican Republic are accessible on day trips from the town. Saona and Catalina are both worth visiting during any vacation in Punta Cana, even if you don't have a lot of time to spare. Saona is a typical example of what a desert island ought to look like and it is frequently used as a film setting for this reason. It is only a couple of hours by Road to Santo Domingo, the country's capital city. Its Old City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and well worth seeking out. There is also a large national park a similar distance away located in the province of Samaná. Search the travel packages to Punta Cana and find the right deal for your next vacation.

What to eat in Punta Cana?

Many all inclusive vacations to Punta Cana will include local cuisine as well as food that is traditionally American. Restaurants cater for all tastes in the resort. However, you shouldn't just stick to what you know. Try a dish like ensalada verde on a hot day. This green salad often includes shredded cabbage rather than lettuce and is very refreshing. Tostones are another favorite when on vacation in Punta Cana. They are deep-fried plantains and often come as a side dish when fish is served. Another typical local dish is known as habichuelas con dulc. Recipes vary for it depending on where you are. It is made from beans but is a superb dessert. If that has whetted your appetite, then book your travel today.

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