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A Dream vacation in Madrid to cherish

Presentation of Madrid

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is one of the largest cities in the European Union and, thanks to its many attractions, a popular visitor destination. Situated in the center of the country, it's a highly developed modern European city with advanced infrastructure, but it also takes pride in its long and colorful history. Many old districts maintain their quaintly old-fashioned character, and the city is also home to some world famous museums and galleries. The combination of the old and the new gives the city an interesting character that entices you to explore further and discover its many charms. Enjoy staying for a while in this world-class city with our excellent flight and hotel in Madrid package.

Things to know before visiting Madrid

US citizens don’t need a visa to enter Spain, and can stay for up to three months. If you need to stay longer, you can obtain a tourist visa from your nearest Spanish consulate or embassy. Make sure your passport has at least six months validity remaining and at least two blank pages for the visa and stamps. Spain is part of the Euro-zone, so the currency you’ll be dealing with is the euro. Euro banknotes range from five to 500 Euros. Coins are also used and range in value from one cent to two euros.

Madrid is only six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so any jet lag from your flight to Madrid should be easily dealt with after a day's relaxation at your hotel. English is widely understood in Madrid’s commercial and tourist spots, so you’ll have no problem with arranging tours, ordering meals or asking for directions. In less visited areas, you’ll find English isn’t as well-known and some knowledge of Spanish would be useful. Unless you speak Spanish, you may have to rely on a smartphone translation app or a good old-fashioned phrase book.

What is the weather in Madrid?

Although it’s an inland city, Madrid enjoys a Mediterranean climate. Average temperatures range from the mid 30s Fahrenheit in January to the high 80s in July. The wettest months are May and October, and the driest months are the summer months in between. Overall, Madrid enjoys good weather. There's lots of sunshine annually and rainfall isn't excessive. The temperature range is predictable, which makes it easier to choose when you want to visit Madrid. Take advantage of our excellent travel deals available all year whether you take a flight from New York to Madrid or from Los Angeles to Madrid. At eDreams, we're happy to offer you our acclaimed flight and hotel in Madrid package at any time.

What places to visit in Madrid?

Madrid is home to some excellent museums and galleries that are well worth visiting. The Prado museum located in central Madrid’s so-called ‘Golden Triangle of Art’ is world famous and displays a vast collection of works by Spanish and international artists. Another two notable museums: Queen Sofia Museum and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum are located in the 'Triangle'. Madrid is also known for its vibrant nightlife. As for popular culture, there’s no shortage of bars, restaurants, and live music venues featuring a range of genres including rock, jazz, and flamenco. Check out Madrid’s Bilbao and Tribunal districts for exciting live events.

If your tastes run to bullfighting, then Madrid is the place to be. Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas is the premier bullring in Spain. Bullfights are held frequently between March and October and the fight schedule is constantly published by the venue and kept up to date. Madrid is also known for its parks, green spaces and trees. It’s very easy to seek some respite from the clamor of the city and slip into beautifully tended, peaceful city parks such as Casa de Campo located to the west of central Madrid. Book a superb vacation in Madrid with us and enjoy some of Madrid's exciting cultural events and venues.

What to visit around Madrid?

There are many interesting towns and cities not too far from Madrid that you can easily arrange to visit on a day trip, whether by private tour, public transport or car rental. The city of Segovia lies just 50 miles to the north of Madrid and is a fascinating place to explore. Its wonderfully preserved Roman Aquaduct and magnificent cathedral draw many tourists. Aranjuez is another nearby destination worth visiting. It’s located 30 miles to the south of Madrid and is home to the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, a former royal residence that played an important part in Spain’s history. It’s now open to the public and is well worth making the trip to see. Taking photos of the palace interior is restricted unless special permission is obtained, but the magnificent design of the exterior should result in superb photos by anyone with a camera, no matter how photographically challenged they are. Book our flight and hotel package to Madrid and explore the interesting surroundings of the capital with day trips from your hotel.

What to eat in Madrid?

All regions of Spain have cuisines to be proud of and Madrid is certainly no exception. Notable favorites include cocido madrileno, a pork based stew dish that’s popular in the cooler months of the year. Huevos rotas is another favorite. It’s a dish of meat and fried potatoes topped with eggs. Yet another mention must go to the well-known tortilla Espanola (or Spanish Omelette). It’s available everywhere in the city. Madrid also has no shortage of tapas bars. These snack bars serve a range of delicious Spanish delicacies and they’re very popular with locals and visitors alike. Book with us for an unbeatable vacation in Madrid and enjoy all the gastronomic delights of this great city.