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Flight & hotel offers to Flagstaff, AZ

A vacation to the world's most famous canyon

Presentation of Flagstaff Grand Canyon

Flagstaff is a mere 90-minute drive from the Grand Canyon, so it’s perfect for a day or weekend trip. You’ll be treated to a bird’s eye view of the canyon before you disembark. If you live farther afield, you can book a direct flight from New York to Flagstaff Grand Canyon before heading out on a road trip along Route 66 East. This tour will take you past the 1930 watchtower and along East Rim Drive. This is one of the canyon’s widest and least crowded sections, and its ochre hues cast a surreal shadow over the land. Travel packages to Flagstaff Grand Canyon have earned a reputation for being the most iconic trips in the region, and if you want an extra dose of old world charm, you can cover the route by catching a train towards the Southern rim of the National Park. All inclusive vacation packages in Flagstaff Grand Canyon let you plan your tour with ease. Your hotels and flights will be taken care of, so all that’s left is to enjoy the vacation.

Things to know before visiting Flagstaff Grand Canyon

If you’re arranging short vacation packages in Flagstaff Grand Canyon, you might want to take the scenic US180 drive towards the park. There are hotels in that area, but they’re understandably popular, so be sure to book in advance. The view from the Watchtower is among the most spectacular, making this route well worthwhile. Give yourself plenty of time to enjoy the stops. The journey is in the experiences outside the car or train, after all. The park is immense, and it’ll reward you if you stretch your itinerary across a week or more. If you’re taking a flight from Los Angeles to Flagstaff Grand Canyon, you’ll cover about 500 miles, which will give you less driving time and more hours to spend on the adventure. You can book a flight and hotel in Flagstaff Grand Canyon and drive the rest of the way or finish the final leg of the journey on a small plane.

What is the weather in Flagstaff Grand Canyon

Your vacation in Flagstaff Grand Canyon will probably be accompanied by near-perfect weather. There are simply no bad seasons for visiting because the southernmost region is milder than the less elevated parts. That said, April is less predictable than any other months. Flagstaff itself never endures heat waves, but if you prefer cooler weather, visit in January to March. In May, the mild summer begins with afternoon storms and monsoons. Autumn is comfortably cool, and November comes with chilly nights. All inclusive vacations in Flagstaff Grand Canyon in mid-winter will require heavy coats and boots for snowy weather.

What to do in Flagstaff Grand Canyon?

Most of those who book travel packages in Flagstaff Grand Canyon enter the park from Desert View side. Here, you can grab a picnic at the local Bread Company and embark on a five-day hike. Alternatively, head south of Flagstaff and take the Interstate to the Oak Creek Canyon Exit. This is a tourist favorite and can be enjoyed by jeep. Old Town Cottonwood is perfect for wine aficionados who enjoy tasting tours. Sunset Crater is an extinct volcano in the north with some restored pueblo ruins surrounding it. The famous Petrified Forest requires a full day’s trip, and it’s well worth adding to your last minute vacation packages itinerary. Flagstaff itself is home to a world-class natural history and archaeology museum and an observatory for viewing the skies. The downtown area has stores and restaurants to liven up the Art Walk that happens on the first Friday of the month. Avid skiers will find some beginners’ slopes 30 minutes from the inner city. Flagstaff’s Indian Ruins, Ghost Town, and museums warrant at least one full day on their own.

What to eat in Flagstaff Grand Canyon?

Flagstaff Grand Canyon is dotted with all-American restaurants that offer ranch-style cuisine, grills, and cookouts with live music. When you disembark from your flight to Flagstaff Grand Canyon you can grab a draft and plate of casual U.S. cuisine at The Northern Pines. Flagstaff loves home-style cooking, so your vacation package deals in Flagstaff Grand Canyon will come with a warm, casual ambiance.

What to bring from Flagstaff Grand Canyon ?

Vacation getaways in Flagstaff Grand Canyon should include a little souvenir shopping and the area is primed for buying excellent hiking gear. Art collectors should tour Flagstaff’s galleries to hunt down some interesting investment pieces, but Flagstaff’s marketplace also serves the entire north Arizona region, so it has a massive range of retail brands. For other souvenirs and Native American jewelry, Humphrey’s street is perfect. Why wait? Book your trip with us today!

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