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Presentation of Delhi

Delhi, India’s famous capital, is a large and bustling city that’s always full of life. Visitors have endless opportunities to have a fantastic vacation in Delhi; it's that kind of city. Driving in Delhi (like all of India) is on the left, so keep that in mind when walking across busy roads or renting a car. In fact, it’s better to get around by taking the metro or by taxi. Taxis, whether in standard saloon type cars or small 3-wheeler tuk-tuks or pedal cyclos are plentiful and convenient. They’re economical, too. Taxi fares in Delhi are cheap compared to taxi fares back home, but don’t be afraid to bargain for an even lower price; it’s expected. Book now. With our excellent flight and hotel in Delhi package, you can soak up the delights of the city and come home with great memories to last you a lifetime.

Things to know before visiting Delhi

Delhi is nine and a half hours ahead of Eastern time, so plan to enjoy the first day or two of your vacation in Delhi relaxing in comfort at your hotel after your flight to Delhi. Use that time to acclimatize to the time difference and, if necessary, the heat. India’s official language is Hindi, but English is widely understood in Delhi, so there won’t be any significant communication problems. However, if you learn a few Hindi phrases, locals will be impressed. They'll appreciate you making the effort to speak their language rather than expecting them to speak yours. Also a few phrases will be especially useful in places such as local markets where tourists rarely venture and English is rarely spoken or heard. It's also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the value of India's currency, rupees. With a little mental arithmetic, you can instantly change any quoted prices to the approximate price in US dollars.

What is the weather in Delhi?

Delhi has a subtropical climate, which means you can expect lots of sunshine no matter when you go. Bring suitable lightweight summer clothes to ensure you stay cool and comfortable, and don’t forget to apply sunscreen with a high protection factor whenever you go out. Average (Fahrenheit) temperatures range from the mid 50s in winter to the mid 90s in summer. July and August are among the warmest and wettest months, so a lightweight, plastic rainproof mac brought from home or purchased locally will serve you well if you happen to get caught in a rain shower. Our flight and hotel packages to Delhi are available all year round, so choose when you'd like to go and we'll make it happen.

What places to visit in Delhi?

The Red Fort is a major tourist attraction in central Delhi that you should check out. It’s an imposing, historically important fortress that served as home to the Mughal emperors from the 17th to the 19th century. It’s fascinating to explore but it’s also possible to get lost briefly in the maze of corridors if you wander off without paying attention. Akshardham Temple is also well worth a visit. It’s a magnificent, modern structure that serves as a spiritual and exhibition center and is a very popular destination for tourists and devotees, alike. It’s easy to get to the temple by metro as Akshardham Metro station is very close by. For a green and natural environment where you can feel closer to nature than is possible on the city streets, head for Lodi Gardens in south Delhi. It’s a lovely park area to sit and relax or stroll around leisurely, and it has interesting tombs of former heads of various historic dynasties.

What to visit around Delhi?

There are many interesting places outside of Delhi that are close enough for a day trip. These include Damdama Lake which can be reached in around an hour. It’s a beautiful spot with great views of the nearby Aravalli hills. Another interesting place to visit is Fort Unchagaon, which can be reached in just over an hour. The River Ganges flows through this region and dolphins inhabit this stretch of river. Nearby cottage industries producing handicrafts are also very interesting and rewarding to visit.

Last but not least is the Taj Mahal. Many visitors to Delhi are pleasantly surprised to find that the Taj Mahal in the city of Agra can also be visited on a day trip. It does involve three hours of bus travel each way, but most visitors feel that’s a minor inconvenience for a chance to see the world’s most iconic ‘monument to love’. Take advantage of one of our all inclusive vacation packages to Delhi and experience the magic of the city and its surroundings.

What to eat in Delhi?

Delhi’s restaurants offer an exceptionally wide range of foods, from local cuisine to traditional favorites from other Indian regions. In addition, you can easily find Western food if you miss more familiar dishes. Delhi specializes in delicious cuisine including Mughali curries, butter chicken, and shahi paneer, and refreshing lassi drinks are always available. Indian food back home is tasty enough, but it’s modified to suit Western tastes; in Delhi, you can experience the real thing, and it’s an experience you can enjoy every day.

Food stalls are also very common throughout Delhi, and they sell terrific snacks. Look for stalls that have a good amount of customers. Locals know the best stalls to buy from and which to avoid, so follow their lead. Dining in Delhi is a wonderful experience, and our travel packages to Delhi make it all possible whether you opt to take your flight from New York to Delhi or from Los Angeles to Delhi. So book now for a fantastic dream vacation.