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Presentation of Tel Aviv

Israel’s second largest city, Tel Aviv is situated on the country’s Mediterranean coast. With a population of almost half a million, it’s the second most populated city in Israel after Jerusalem. Tel Aviv is Israel’s financial center, and it’s also an important tourist center that attracts many visitors. It’s also known as the party capital of Israel, and has attractions for all ages. It’s a terrific city to visit and spend time in, and at eDreams, we’re happy to help you with travel and accommodation arrangements. You’ll find our flight and hotel packages to Tel Aviv are second to none.

Things to know before visiting Tel Aviv

US citizens can take a flight to Tel Aviv, enter the country without a visa and stay for up to three months. Ensure that your passport will remain valid for the duration of your stay and has at least one blank page. Car rental is possible for foreigners having a vacation in Tel Aviv, and it’s a great way to see more of the city and beyond. You just need your full US driving license. The official language of Israel is Hebrew, but English is widely understood in the country. As Tel Aviv, is such an internationally aware city, you’ll have no communications problems using English.

What is the weather in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv, thanks to its location, enjoys a Mediterranean climate with plenty of warm sunshine throughout the year. Average temperatures in January, the coolest month, range from 50°F to 66°F, while Tel Aviv’s hottest month sees temperatures ranging from 74°F to 86°F. Rainfall is insignificant for most of the year, with the winter months seeing the most, but even then, it’s not excessive. Book with us and enjoy a fantastic vacation in Tel Aviv starting with a flight from New York to Tel Aviv or a flight from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv.

What to do in Tel Aviv?

Tel Aviv is Israel’s main center of entertainments and popular culture. It’s nightlife is full on and visitors and locals can party through the night in bars, nightclubs and restaurants. Music is an important ingredient of Tel Aviv’s entertainments, and there’s plenty of it. World class rock and pop musicians often perform in Tel Aviv, and have included Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones, Madonna and Radiohead. There’s also a thriving underground scene in clubs such as Comfort 13 and Block Club. Classical music and opera can be enjoyed, too, at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center.

The major daytime attractions in Tel Aviv are the beaches. The coastal strip stretches for several miles and contains well-known beaches such as Sheraton Beach, Hilton Beach, and Gordon Beach. Tel Aviv’s beaches are safe, maintained in good condition, and are child-friendly. More cultural pursuits in Tel Aviv include visiting some of its many terrific museums such as the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, which displays a large collection of art by famous Israeli and international artists. Enjoy all that Tel Aviv has to offer with our flight and hotel package to Tel Aviv.

What to visit around Tel Aviv?

Thanks to Israel’s modest size, it’s not difficult to visit other interesting parts of the country on a day trip from Tel Aviv. Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, is easily reached in less than two hours by bus. Its great cultural centers are certainly worth visiting, and you can easily spend a day admiring them before returning to your hotel in Tel Aviv in the evening. If you want to see more beaches outside of Tel Aviv, Netanya Resort is located 20 miles north of the city. Check out our excellent travel packages for Tel Aviv, and enjoy exploring the city and other fascinating out-of-town areas.

What to eat in Tel Aviv?

Given its reputation as Israel’s principal entertainments center, it’s no surprise that there are many excellent restaurants in Tel Aviv. Its seaside location gives it access to fresh and delicious fish and seafood every day, and skillful chefs transform them into appetizing and filling dishes. Israeli cuisine and international cuisines are well represented throughout the city. Israeli cuisine is very similar to Middle Eastern cuisine, although the methods of preparation may differ. Falafel, hummus, and Shaksuka are common foods in Middle Eastern and southern and eastern Mediterranean regions including Israel. International foods can be found in many Tel Aviv restaurants including Thai, Japanese, American, Italian and more. Styles of food available include kosher, halal, vegetarian and vegan. Enjoy a vacation in Tel Aviv and treat your taste buds to a marvellous experience.

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