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Presentation of Athens

The most famous city in ancient Greece and the modern country's capital city, travel packages in Athens mean making a trip to a bustling metropolis that is full of history. Among the oldest urban places to still be inhabited, Athens has stood for well over 3,500 years. It is often referred to as the cradle of democracy, largely thanks to the city being run by its demos, or people, who made up its citizenry rather than by kings. In central Athens, two different UNESCO World Heritage sites can be found. The Acropolis of Athens is one of these. It is this structure that is really the best-known image of ancient Greece that survives to this day. The other is a monastery that dates back to medieval times. Flight and hotel deals in Athens tend to be routed via the city's international airport which is situated a short transfer from the city center, a few miles to its east. Book your trip of a lifetime now!

Things to know before visiting Athens

Like many other capital cities in continental Europe, the Euro is the currency to use. ATMs are located in nearly every district. Vacations in Athens often mean knowing when to tip and when not to. Check your bill at a bar or a restaurant before leaving a tip because the price can be rounded up to include a service charge.

Flight and hotel packages in Athens are popular all year round so it is worth booking early to make sure that you can put together the best deal for your chosen dates. Urban Athens is split into a number of neighborhoods and it is helpful to check out which ones will suit your preferred itinerary. Omonoia, for example, is handily situated for the many antiquities in the city and has a stop on the Athens Metro. Syntagma has some of the city's grandest hotels due to its location close to the Greek parliamentary building. Kolonaki is another neighborhood worth looking at especially if shopping in boutiques and upmarket department stores are your thing. Find your perfect vacation location in Athens.

What is the weather in Athens?

Most travel packages in Athens will involve experiencing hot weather. In fact, the city has recorded the highest ever temperature for mainland Europe. During the summer months the average high during the day is over 90 °F but it can sometimes get over 100 °F. Many Athenians stay indoors during the heat of the day and venture out when it gets cooler in the mid-afternoon period. Downtown Athens has the highest temperatures, largely due to the number of people who are in the area at any one time as well as the heat from the sun. Athens enjoys moderate rainfall which means that the city remains attractively green into late springtime. Rainy days are most frequent between December and March. Why not consider booking one of the many vacation deals in Athens right now?

Things to do in Athens

Any vacation in Athens should include some fun activities and what could be more engaging than joining in with the local craze for dancing tango in the city streets? Every Monday evening Athenians gather in a pedestrianized area of Ermou, close to Pireos Street, to dance and enjoy themselves. Visiting a traditional hammam, or bathhouse, is another enjoyable experience not to be missed. Greek hammams involve a steam bath and a massage as well as an exfoliation treatment. There are a number of hammams in the city center to try out. In the evening, book tickets for an open-air cinema. The city has several of them and you'll find an English language movie at one of the screenings. Vacation getaways in Athens are made that much more exciting by trying out such activities with ordinary Athenians, so get your flight and hotel booking today.

What to see in Athens?

With so much on offer in the city, flight and hotel packages in Athens should be packed with places to see. Try to view the main historic sites, such as the Parthenon and the Acropolis, early in the day before the crowds arrive and the weather becomes too stifling. You can learn much about ancient Greece by visiting the Acropolis Museum which is near to the main site. It offers a much-needed break from the sun if you are visiting in the summer.

The Olympian Temple of Zeus should not be missed either. This is the largest ancient Greek temple in the country and is located in the center of the city, making it hard to miss. The ancient Agora is another place to feature on many vacation packages in Athens. This open space was where the likes of Socrates and Saint Paul spread their ideas with the power of their oratory. Few places evoke the Athens of old like its Agora. Why not book your next vacation in Athens - a place that has so many wonderful sites to explore that you could live there for a year and not see them all?

What to eat in Athens?

Travel packages in Athens will often include breakfast at the hotel which is usually a simple affair including coffee, bread, Greek yogurt and honey. Greek cuisine is known all over the Mediterranean for its freshness of ingredients and its wonderful flavor combinations. A horiatiki salata, or Greek salad, is a typical dish served in Athenian eateries and ideal for a lunchtime meal. Olives, tomatoes, cucumber and feta cheese are all brought together superbly with this salad. Moussaka is another Greek dish that is incredibly popular in the capital. It mixes lamb mince with eggplant and a delicious bechamel sauce. A good vegetarian alternative is pastitsio which uses pasta as its base. Athenians love it as do the city's many visitors. Got your mouth watering? If so, then book your flight from the US today.

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