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Flight & hotel offers to Cartagena

Flight and hotel Packages in Cartagena

Presentation of Cartagena

On the beautiful Caribbean sea, Cartagena sits on the northern coast of Colombia. It is a vibrant, bustling city with some incredible views within the walled city and in the surrounding countryside. The Cartageneros love a festival and there are many throughout the year, particularly the Carnaval de Cartagena each February. From the beaches and nightlife of the Bocagrande to the heart of the city in the downtown area, you can’t miss the fabulous colonial buildings and the traditional area of the walled city. Book your flight to Cartagena with us today and experience this amazing Caribbean city for yourself.

Things to know before visiting Cartagena

All US citizens need when they travel to Colombia is a valid passport. A visa isn’t required as long as you are not staying for longer than 90 days, you will simply get a stamp in your passport instead. As Spanish is the main language you won’t hear much English spoken throughout the whole of Colombia, however in the areas with more tourists, like Cartagena, you shouldn’t have too much trouble being understood.

A flight from New York to Cartagena and a flight from Los Angeles to Cartagena will land at Rafael Núñez International Airport, which is only three miles north of the city itself. Although there are buses, the taxis are plentiful, cheap, reliable and easily booked from the kiosk in the baggage claim hall. Don’t forget to book your flight and hotel packages to Cartagena with us today for the best rates.

What is the weather in Cartagena?

As for most of Colombia, Cartagena is a year-round destination because of the consistent weather. The temperature remains in the mid 80s for most of the year, and any variations tend to come about because of the geography rather than seasonal differences. For example, the weather in the mountains will often be slightly lower than the coast, particularly overnight. Whatever the time of year, you should book a vacation package deal to Cartagena with us so that you can enjoy your flight and hotel while it is gloriously warm and sunny.

Things to do in Cartagena

With colorful colonial houses, cobbled streets, and a whole host of churches - some dating back to the 16th century - the old walled town is definitely worth a visit. You can even sit on top of the city walls, perhaps enjoying a drink while watching the sun set or having a relaxing meal overlooking the Caribbean Sea. If you find yourself in the Getsemani district you should take a stroll over to the Plaza de Trinidad for an exciting evening among the locals. It is the place to hang out with your friends over beers and street food; and just a little tip, if you choose the street vendor with the largest queues that will be the one with the best food.

A more peaceful option is to visit the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas which overlooks the town. A pleasant afternoon can be had here walking through its underground passageways and over its battlements. Find a flight and hotel package to Cartagena with us today to enjoy this wonderful Colombian city.

What to eat in Cartagena?

From Caribbean seafood to the bustle of street food stands, there are many tastes of Colombia that you won’t want to miss. Everywhere you go you will be able to try arepas. They are made with ground maize or flour fashioned into delicious flatbreads and are sold in almost all food outlets. If you are looking for something a little different, you should try the bollos. You will find these sold by many street vendors and they are beautifully wrapped up in plantain leaves and string. Inside are buns made of boiled taro or yucca, and you can eat them at any time of the day including for breakfast. If your mouth is already watering, why not book a flight and hotel package to Cartagena with us today and try these unusual tastes for yourself?

What to bring from Cartagena?

When you are souvenir shopping your best bet is to walk down Las Bovedas, it has many little shops that sell all manner of items that you could bring home. The shops were originally dungeons within the city walls, but now they are ideal places to find something to remind you of your wonderful vacation in Cartagena. At night in front of the Santa Clara Hotel you can find many street vendors selling many of the same types of souvenirs as well as local arts and crafts. You could buy one of the many colorful shoulder bags, a replica of one of the iconic Chiva buses, or even take back a taste of Colombia with some local coffee beans. Book your flight and hotel to Cartagena with us and the only thing you need to worry about is which souvenir to choose.

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