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Flight & hotel offers to Dubrovnik

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Travel packages to Dubrovnik

Presentation of Dubrovnik

Whether you want to relax on the beach, enjoy the nightlife, or soak up the culture and history of Croatia, a vacation in Dubrovnik gives you several vacations in one. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dubrovnik is situated in the southeast of Croatia, on the coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. Book your flight to Dubrovnik and discover the city for yourself.

Things to know before visiting Dubrovnik

Croatia is a member of the European Union, but still uses its own currency, the kuna. Croatia is on Central European Time, which is seven hours ahead of Central Time and six hours ahead of Eastern Time. There is an international airport 12 miles outside the city, and large cruise ships frequently dock at the port. A connecting flight from New York to Dubrovnik takes a little over 11 hours, while a connecting flight from Los Angeles to Dubrovnik takes upwards of 13 hours. Booking flight and hotel deals in Dubrovnik lets you explore the city for less.

What to do in Dubrovnik?

Vacation getaways to Dubrovnik can be packed with action or laid back and leisurely. The safe, sandy beaches are ideal for families, and the sea is warm and clean. The more adventurous can go snorkeling and spot fish, or try kayaking or canoeing along the beautiful coast. The Dubrovnik cable car is a popular attraction, whisking tourists to the top of the Srd mountain just outside the city for panoramic views of the Old Town and the coast.

There are restaurants for every budget and appetite, from cosy, family run cafes to fine dining. After dark, party the night away at a club or listen to a classical concert. In the summer months, romantic types can go for a harbour cruise and watch the firework display over the Old Town. Visit over the Dubrovnik Summer Festival to enjoy plays, concerts, and more. Book your flight and hotel in Dubrovnik and start your adventure.

What places to visit in Dubrovnik?

Most visitors enjoying vacation packages in Dubrovnik head for the Old Town, with its historic buildings and immense gates. Get lost in a maze of little streets, and enjoy an ice cream while watching ships arrive in the port and cats go about their business or laze in the sun. The ancient city walls, and the mediaeval fortresses outside them, once protected Dubrovnik from invasion, and now offer impressive views to walkers. Inside St John's Fortress is the Maritime Museum, and an aquarium with a huge collection of local species. Recently, the city was used for filming scenes in the successful Game of Thrones TV series, and fans can enjoy spotting locations on a walking tour.

In the bay outside Dubrovnik is the island of Lokrum. With its monastery and its botanical gardens, it is the perfect place for a peaceful getaway. The Lapad Peninsula is part of Dubrovnik and offers quieter swimming areas, as well as a chance to mix with the locals, away from the tourist trail. Take full advantage of travel packages to Dubrovnik and see all the sights.

What to eat in Dubrovnik?

Cuisine in Croatia varies from region to region. On your vacation in Dubrovnik, you can expect to eat local fish and shellfish, fresh vegetables, pasta, and stew. Smoked and cured meats are popular, as is cheese. Meals tend to be simply prepared from quality, local ingredients. Croatia is famous for its wines, especially white wine. With cheap vacation packages to Dubrovnik, you can afford to splash out on a good meal or two.

What to bring back from Dubrovnik?

There are plenty of souvenirs to choose from as a memento of your vacation in Dubrovnik, or as a gift for friends and family. Bottles of local wine or olive oil make thoughtful gifts that are sure to be used. Local cheese, cured meat, or olives are a tasty way to remind you of your stay in Dubrovnik. If you're looking for something that will last longer, try a lavender bag. Croatia is famous for its lavender. The country also gave the world the necktie, and the word 'cravat', so you'll find a wide range of ties for sale. Dubrovnik's KAWA store offers local arts and crafts, from jewellery to homewares. Take advantage of vacation package deals in Dubrovnik and start making some memories.