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Flight & hotel offers to Burlington, VT

See New England with our flight and hotel packages to Burlington

Presentation of Burlington

This is the largest city in Vermont, but don't imagine that all inclusive vacations in Burlington will mean staying in a soulless metropolis โ€“ this place is anything but that. With a population south of 50,000 it feels more like the college town it actually is, and this gives it an attractively youthful vibe you'll enjoy along with your flight and hotel in Burlington. It's a tremendous destination if you love the arts, but there's also plenty of excellent shopping, as well as lots of things to do whatever the season or the weather. People flock here to enjoy the plethora of festivals, ranging from exciting summer jazz to the stunning Festival of Lights over the winter holiday season. At eDreams, we'll help you light up your break!

What is the weather in Burlington?

The city has a varied climate, so you'll never get stuck in a rut after your flight to Burlington has landed. Summers are warm, with afternoon temperatures in July usually getting into the 80s. As you'd expect from such a green city, there's some rain, but it's rare for this to get in the way of your vacation in Burlington. If you're into winter sports, consider booking cheap vacation packages to Burlington in the winter months, when the local area usually has reliable snow. In spring, you get the best of both worlds, with both snow and sunshine on offer. Call us now and see how we can help.

Things to do in Burlington

With our great value travel packages to Burlington, you're sure to be bursting with enthusiasm to see the city. Just a few of the places you could see with travel deals to Burlington are:

After your relaxing flight from New York to Burlington, all these attractions will be waiting. So are we โ€“ so contact us today!

Places to visit near Burlington

When you book one of our flight and hotel packages, you'll probably want to see some of the attractions close by Burlington. During vacation getaways in Burlington, you could visit:

Whether you're taking a flight from Los Angeles to Burlington or visiting from elsewhere, we've got you covered. Book with us and discover outstanding deals.

What to eat in Burlington?

If you're traveling to the city during the annual Wine and Food Festival each June, you'll be able to find just about any cuisine you care to imagine. Tickets are limited, so make sure you book early! If you're taking your vacation in Burlington at other times, don't worry: you certainly won't be starved of choice. This city has some of New England's finest restaurants, with both traditional regional dishes and foods from around the world available for your vacation packages in Burlington. It's also a good spot for veggies and vegans โ€“ try the amazing brunches at Pingala and see for yourself. For fresh fruit and vegetables, the Farmers' Market is a must. We at eDreams are waiting to help you taste them!

What to bring from Burlington?

If you're looking for souvenirs after picking up our travel packages to Burlington, then a great place to start is the Church Street Marketplace, where you'll find both specialty retailers and big-name stores. You'll notice the Vermont State of Mind slogan everywhere, so a baseball cap or T-shirt could be a great buy, especially for kids. For something a little more highbrow from your vacations in Burlington, head to one of the many galleries to purchase art prints and the like. And, if you're hoping to find something quirky, Pickwick Books in Waterdown is a fabulous place to browse for second-hand bargains. For more bargains, talk to us and book your break today.

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