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Flight & hotel offers to Amsterdam

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New York
New century hotel
10 Dec 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
Free Wi-Fi
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $512
10 Dec 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
RV, bus, truck parking (surcharge)
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $517
New Century Hotel Amsterdam
10 Dec 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
Free Wi-Fi
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $517
Ibis Schiphol Amsterdam Airport
10 Dec 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
Free Wi-Fi
TripAdvisor rating 4.0
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $526
ibis budget Amsterdam Airport
10 Dec 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
Free Wi-Fi
TripAdvisor rating 3.5
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $527
Golden Zaan Hotel Amsterdam Zaandam
10 Dec 2021 - 12 Dec 2021
Complimentary reception
FLIGHT + HOTEL per person
From $528
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Vacation in Amsterdam

Presentation of Amsterdam

With around two and a half million inhabitants in its wider metropolitan area, Amsterdam is one of the Netherlands major cities. Direct flight and hotel packages to Amsterdam can be obtained from several US cities, including New York and Los Angeles, for example. The city was founded in the Middle Ages and became a center of commerce soon afterwards. Much of the central part of Amsterdam is dominated by its famous canals which brought goods into the city during the Renaissance period. Amsterdam soon gained a reputation for its formidable merchants who traded in everything from cloth to sugar over the centuries. As well as being a trading city, Amsterdam developed as a center of cultural excellence in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. The heart of Old Amsterdam is a UNESCO World Heritage site which is visited by millions of tourists from North America as well as the rest of Europe each year. The city has a reputation for liberal social attitudes which began to develop in the twentieth century. Why not discover more about the cheap vacation packages in Amsterdam on offer from eDreams?

Things to know before visiting Amsterdam

Travel packages in Amsterdam come in many forms. As well as being able to book accommodation in conventional hotels, it is also possible to stay on a houseboat within the city. Those with limited mobility should check on the availability of things like elevators because so many of the city's hotels were built centuries ago, well before these devices were invented. Smoking is permissible in the city but only in designated areas. The city's authorities have done a lot to improve the international image of Amsterdam in recent years which means that some of its liberal laws are not quite as liberal as they used to be. Old Amsterdam is a lively place with plenty of bars and restaurants to explore, many of them offering canal-side views. Last minute vacation packages in Amsterdam are available, so there is nothing to stop you from making a booking and being on an Amsterdam-bound flight with eDreams in a matter of days. Just remember to ensure that your passport is up to date.

What is the weather in Amsterdam?

June, July and August are the hottest months to travel to Amsterdam. Having said that, because the city enjoys an oceanic climate, it is usually quite pleasant to stroll around at any time of the year. Anyone booking travel packages in Amsterdam needs to consider the possibility of rain because around 33 inches of precipitation falls over the course of the average year. However, there are plenty of places to dive inside if you are unlucky enough to be out and about when there is a downpour. Most rainfall comes in the form of a brief shower. Cooler weather is to be expected from October until the following March, but wrapping up warm means that the city can still be enjoyed even if you choose to travel in the middle of winter. Travel deals in Amsterdam are often best priced during the winter months, so this can be a good time to visit the city. Book with eDreams today!

Things to do in Amsterdam

One of the best ways of getting around the city is by bicycle. Nearly all of the city's inhabitants own a bike and tourists can obtain them for hire from multiple outlets around Old Amsterdam. No vacation in Amsterdam would be complete without a bike ride. Bear in mind that cyclists have the right of way over pedestrians in the city but you do have to be careful of other tourists who don't always know this rule. Canal cruises are another popular activity for people who are new to the city. Cruises can last up to half a day and they represent a superb way of seeing the city from the point of view of those who originally designed it. Amsterdam also has a number of so-called escape rooms which are increasingly popular. In one, you must figure out how to let yourself out within a time limit by solving some fiendish puzzles. Sherlocked Escape Rooms, in central Amsterdam, is a good example. Discover more about a range of vacation packages in Amsterdam with eDreams.

What places to visit in Amsterdam?

Any booking for a flight and hotel in Amsterdam means being able to access some great European cultural highlights. Firstly, the city is home to the world-famous Van Gogh Museum. This art gallery is a modern structure that houses the best collection of the great artist's work on the planet as well as featuring the paintings of several of his contemporaries. Not far from here, you can stroll to the wonderful Bloemenmarkt, or flower market. Tulips have long been associated with the city and at the market, you will discover just about every color under the sun on display. The fragrance of the market is something to enjoy, too. Finally, vacations in Amsterdam ought to include a visit to Anne Frank's House. This sensitive museum is dedicated to the memory of the famous young writer who lost her life in the Second World War. Visitors to it are seldom left without being touched in some way by the story of her life. For more information on flights to Amsterdam, contact eDreams today.

What to eat in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam's history of global trade means that cuisine from all over the world can be obtained in the city. Indian and Chinese food is just as common as Italian pizzerias, for example. Any vacation in Amsterdam must include some traditional Dutch food, however. Try some raw herring which is a favorite with many locals. This dish is traditionally served with an array of pickles. You can see it on the menu of many restaurants as well as being sold from so-called herring carts on street corners. Bitterballen, a type of deep-fried meatball, are another local snack that is just the thing for a light bite at lunchtime. Dip them in mustard for an extra kick! For more on vacation package deals in Amsterdam, begin booking your flights with eDreams right now.

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