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Presentation of Frankfurt

As a major banking powerhouse Frankfurt is extremely important to the financial sector in Europe, but it has much more going for it than that. It is situated on both sides of the Main River which is where it gets its proper name Frankfurt am Main, although it is rarely called that these days. There are some wonderfully ornate buildings in the old Altstadt district and the Church of St. Paul where Germany held its first ever freely elected parliament. Although the main language spoken is German, you will find many people in Frankfurt who speak English. Don't be put off if they seem gruff when first approached, the residents of this city are very friendly and more than happy to help if you are lost. Book your flight to Frankfurt with us now to see this wonderful city as soon as you can.

Things to know before visiting Frankurt

Although Frankfurt International is the busiest airport in Germany it is extremely well-run, as is usually the case with this country’s typical German efficiency. It is also in the Rhine region which has extremely strong train and bus links to the rest of the country, and it is only 7 miles outside Frankfurt itself making it easy to travel into the city once your flight from New York to Frankfurt or flight from Los Angeles to Frankfurt arrives.

As Germany is part of the Schengen Agreement, American citizens don’t require a visa as long as they are staying for less than 90 days and have at least 6 months left on their passport. This makes it very easy to travel to Frankfurt once you have booked your travel packages with us, ensuring you have nothing but a smooth start to your vacation.

Things to do in Frankfurt

Frankfurt isn’t all banks and book fairs; it is a beautiful city to visit and has the easiest way to travel around as well. If you download the Byke app it is very simple to pick up one of their bikes to cycle around to all the best sights in the city. For a few euros per day you can just leave the bike where you finish with no requirement to hand it in at a specific location and you are just left to enjoy your freedom. You can visit the Goethe house, the medieval Romer Building, or just enjoy the GrünGürtel-Radweg (the Green Corridor Bicycle Path) around the outskirts of the city. Don’t wait to take advantage of all that Frankfurt can offer and book a flight and hotel package with us today.

Places to visit near Frankfurt

If you are a fan of fairytales you must visit Hanau on your vacation getaway. It is where the Brothers Grimm were born and there are monuments and artifacts relating to them to be found all over Hanau. Baden-Baden and the Black Forest are also worth a day trip out of Frankfurt. Baden-Baden is a spa town and has been since Roman times, but it is the fact that it is the gateway to the Black Forest that makes it unmissable. The picturesque villages and the forest itself can make for some incredible photographic opportunities, so don’t forget to pack your camera when you book your travel packages to Frankfurt with us.

What to eat in Frankfurt?

Germany is much more than just meat and sausages, although you should try bratwürste at least once while you are here. As well as spätzle and bratkartoffeln, a particular specialty of Frankfurt is Grüne Soße, a green sauce that can be served with eggs, veal or pork schnitzel and potatoes. It is made with eggs, cream and local herbs and for it to be authentic, the herbs must be local to the Hesse area.

Whichever local meal you choose, you should try it with apfelwein. This is a delicious local apple cider that can be sweet when added to lemonade, or sour with just the addition of sparkling water. Traditionally, it comes in a Bembel which is a traditional blue and gray jug and you’ll find it very refreshing but be warned, it is hard cider so try not to drink so much you have a bad headache the next day. With these mouthwatering dishes, you shouldn’t waste any time booking your flight and hotel package to Frankfurt with us as soon as you can so that you can taste them yourself on your vacation.

What to bring from Frankfurt?

German food is unbeatable, and you could even bring some of it back home with you; gingerbread is something that travels particularly well and the chocolate is amazing. Alternatively, you could also search out some exquisite pewter ornaments, or for a traditional German feel while drinking beer at home, you can buy a stein or two at many of the weekend markets around Frankfurt. We’re sure whatever you decide to do you will have a vacation getaway to remember, so book your travel packages with us as soon as you can to experience these delights.