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Presentation of San Antonio

With its historic Spanish colonial heritage, a vibrant art scene and innovative culinary enterprises, San Antonio makes the perfect choice of destination for weekend city breaks and longer getaways alike. Find great deals on hotels and a flight to San Antonio online today and start thinking about how you’re going to spend your time in this iconic Texan city. With an immense number of historic sites and cultural attractions, you’ll never run short of ways to keep your days busy when enjoying your vacation getaway in the City of San Antonio.

Things to know before visiting San Antonio

Looking to take advantage of our great deals on San Antonio flight and hotel packages? Get brushed up on a few travel basics before you embark on your Texan adventure. Most incoming flights to this part of the country arrive into San Antonio International Airport, situated in the uptown region of the city. Located only eight miles from the central Downtown district, it’s very convenient for those visitors who don’t want to waste precious time on airport and hotel transfers.

San Antonio International is an incredibly busy airport, so travelers will find plenty in the way of facilities and amenities to make their arrival and return trips as comfortable and convenient as possible. The airport is well served by public bus services, ride share services, and of course taxis. If you’re heading in aboard a flight from New York to San Antonio or other cities further afield, you might also want to consider picking up a rental car for maximum freedom of movement during your stay in town. Browse our all inclusive packages online today and make your booking.

What is the weather in San Antonio?

If you’re visiting the Alamo City for the first time with one of our great value San Antonio flight and hotel packages, you’ll want to ready yourself for the climate. This part of Texas is classified as humid subtropical, meaning that summers are generally very hot and humid, while the winter months vary from cool to mild. The warmest months of the year are undoubtedly July and August, with the average high scoring around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The mercury drops somewhat in winter, with the coldest month being January when average highs hover around the 62 degrees Fahrenheit mark. That being said, freezing temperatures and snowfall aren’t unheard of in the River City, so if you’re heading in on a flight from LA to San Antonio or other warmer climes during the winter season, make sure you’ve packed the odd extra layer just in case. Whatever time of year you’re looking to travel, our cheap vacation packages won’t break the bank.

What to do in San Antonio?

Looking for a dream city break? Our San Antonio flight and hotel packages are the perfect remedy for when you’re tired of the daily grind and need to get away. Explore the city’s colorful neighborhoods and diverse districts like Westside, King William or the Missions in the south to get truly get a feel of this historic corner of Texas. Looking for a great way to unwind? Enjoy a stroll along the water and embark upon the San Antonio River Walk trial. Looking for evening entertainments? Start off in Main Plaza, the beating heart of the downtown district before venturing further afield to find your fun. Find great deals on vacation packages now and start putting your itinerary together.

What to see in San Antonio?

Our great value San Antonio travel packages make the perfect choice for the culture vulture. This historic city is home to a wide raft of museums and galleries, with more than 25 museums and dozens of performing arts venues. Soak up some culture at must-visit destinations including the Institute of Texan Cultures, The DoSeum, the Briscoe Western Art Museum, and more. To get an insight into the centuries-long history of this city, you’ll also want to pencil in some time for visits to the Alamo Mission, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, not to mention the Mission San Juan Capistrano. All these inspiring attractions and more await you when you book one of our San Antonio travel deals.

What to eat in San Antonio?

San Antonio boasts the merit of being a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. When you book one of our San Antonio packages, a true voyage of culinary discovery awaits you. This city has long been known for its eclectic eateries and diverse food scene, in no small part due to the convergence of cultures that have come together to make San Antonio their home. You’ve ample choice of dining establishments to choose from here, from earthy eateries serving up first-rate Tex-Mex platters, to more refined Italian trattorias and French bistros if you’re after continental European elegance. Browse our travel deals online today to stir your appetite.

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