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Travel packages in Pensacola

Presentation of Pensacola

A popular place to travel to, last minute vacation packages to Pensacola can be obtained at any time of the year. The city is the westernmost in Florida and is a favorite destination for many North Americans who are seeking the sun and a pleasant choice of beaches. Situated just a short drive from the border with Alabama, Pensacola's famous beaches face the Gulf of Mexico. In addition to its popularity as a resort city, Pensacola offers visitors a historic location to explore with many buildings that date back to the eighteenth century on show. A flight to Pensacola can be obtained from many connecting airports in the US. The city's airport also sees several services for overseas travelers. Book your flight and hotel to Pensacola without delay and discover its unique charm.

Things to know before visiting Pensacola

A vacation in Pensacola will often mean a short stop at a nearby hub to change aircraft. For example, a flight from New York to Pensacola can mean touching down briefly in Atlanta or Charlotte. Likewise, a flight from Los Angeles to Pensacola will usually mean a brief stop at Houston or Dallas. Direct flight services run from Denver, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Kansas City, among others. Many of the larger hotels are situated in downtown Pensacola, overlooking the bay. You can also find plenty of choice in the neighborhood of Northeast Pensacola, close to the airport. A third choice for hotels is on Santa Rosa Island, close to the city's famous beaches. Search the cheap vacation packages to Pensacola and book your next vacation.

What is the weather in Pensacola?

Any vacation in Pensacola is likely to enjoy good weather. The record high ever recorded in the city was 106 °F. On average, July and August are the hottest months of the year, much like the rest of Florida. It remains warm even in mid-winter. Average highs in the 60s can be expected from December right through to February. The summer months see the most amount of rainfall in Pensacola, on average, largely due to the tropical storms which come in from the ocean at that time of year. If it rains, then it tends to be over quite quickly and dries out again within a short time. Snow is not unheard of in the city, but it is rare and seldom settles. Look at the travel deals to Pensacola right now and reserve your place in the Florida sun.

Things to do in Pensacola

As well as its remarkably attractive beaches, all travel packages in Pensacola should include some activities. Fortunately, the city is geared up for adventurous travelers. Why not visit Sam's Fun City, a superb place to entertain younger members of the family. It has many rides and a huge laser tag arena. Pensacola beach has an 8.5-mile long eco-trail which is great to explore by bike – you can hire these locally. While you are there, explore Fort Pickens, a good place to discover the city's past. The historic Saenger Theatre puts on frequent stage productions and it is well worth booking tickets for during your vacation. Take the time to reserve your travel getaway to Pensacola right now!

What places to visit near Pensacola?

The resort town of Seaside is just a few miles to the east of Pensacola. It is worthy of a day trip from the city and it has some high-quality restaurants to enjoy. Any vacation in Pensacola should also include a visit to Mobile Bay, to the west. A good location to explore it is from Fairhope Municipal Pier which is situated close to the Eastern Shore Art Center. Perdido Key is also a great place to visit and it is only a short distance from the city itself. The Key was an important base for the Portuguese and French explorers who first arrived. Now it is largely a protected wilderness which overlooks Ono Island, in Alabama. With so many vacation deals to Pensacola on offer, why not explore the wider area during your stay?

What to eat in Pensacola?

No vacation in Pensacola would be complete without trying some of the marvelous seafood for which the city has such a good reputation. Oysters and mullet are particular favorites of the local population and you will find it on many restaurants' menus. In fact, Pensacola Seafood Festival is one of the most popular times to book a flight and hotel deal to Pensacola due to the high-class cuisine which is on offer throughout the city. The city also puts on a well-attended crawfish festival each year. A number of eateries offer dining with a sea view, such as the Grand Marlin, the fish House and Jaco's Bayfront Grille. Book your stay today.