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Presentation of Florence

The capital of central Italy’s Tuscany region, Florence is an important city that attracts visitors from all over the world. Dating back to ancient Roman times, Florence has a long and colorful history and is often called ‘the cradle of the Renaissance’. Any native of the city can proudly boast of famous past residents including Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto and many more. It’s a modern city, too, with something for everyone. That’s why we at eDreams invite you to check out our unbeatable travel packages to Florence, one of the world's must-see cities.

Things to know before visiting Florence

U.S. citizens can enter Italy without a visa for a stay of up to 90 days for the purpose of tourism or business. If you want to stay longer, you should first obtain a visa from your nearest Italian embassy or consulate before your flight to Florence. One thing to make sure of before you travel is that your passport has at least six months remaining validity and at least two blank pages. As Italy is a Eurozone country, the currency you’ll use in Florence is the Euro, which comprises banknotes ranging from five to 500 euros, and coins ranging in value from one euro cent to two euros.

If you intend renting a car while in Florence, you should apply for an international driving permit before you travel. Alternatively, you can use your US driving license provided that you obtain an officially translated copy in Italian. As in the U.S., driving is on the right. Whether you drive yourself or take public or private transport, you’ll enjoy exploring the city’s many attractions. Treat yourself and loved ones to a fantastic vacation in a fascinating part of the world with a flight from New York to Florence or a flight from Los Angeles to Florence.

What is the weather in Florence?

Florence’s climate is classed as sub tropical–Mediterranean. Temperatures range from an average low of around 36°F in January to an average high of 88°F In the summer months of July and August. July is the driest month with an average rainfall of under 1.5 inches, while the mild months of October and November are the wettest with an average rainfall of 4,5 inches. The cool winter months usually see some snowfall, but it normally melts as soon soon as it falls. On the rare occasions that it does accumulate, it gives Florence the brief appearance of a winter wonderland. Choose when you would like to visit this exciting city and check out our first-rate travel packages to Florence.

What places to visit in Florence?

A vacation in Florence just wouldn’t be complete without spending time visiting and admiring its terrific medieval and Renaissance Period architecture. Florence Cathedral, dating from the mid 15th century, is a famous landmark in the city and a great place to see. The Palazzo Pitti is a Renaissance-style palace located south of the River Arno. It served as residence of the powerful Medici dynasty and later was used as a military base by Napoleon Bonaparte. Today it serves the public as a museum. Florence also has many attractive city squares such as Piazza della Repubblico, located in the city center. Its design and its trendy cafes, such as Hard Rock Cafe and the Giubbe Rosse cafe favored by writers and other arty types, give the area an attractively Bohemian atmosphere. Florence is also a modern city with well-developed infrastructure, amenities, parks and gardens, and leisure facilities. Check out our excellent flight and hotel packages to Florence and enjoy all the city attractions at your leisure.

What to visit around Florence?

The nearby Chianti region makes a terrific day trip. It’s less than an hours drive, and for many its main attraction is the Chianti wine industry. The Sangiovese grapes from which the wine is produced are grown here, and it’s an interesting place to visit with various tours and wine tasting opportunities. Florence is surrounded by many small towns that make quite a contrast to Florence’s city bustle. Fiesole is a charming town that overlooks Florence and provides great views right across the city. The dome of Florence Cathedral stands out impressively from that viewpoint and makes a terrific photo subject. Fiesole itself is also very historic and has a 14th century cathedral among other picturesque buildings. It also has some important archaeological sites. For art lovers, the town of Vinci, the birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci is just over 30 miles to the west. It features a museum dedicated to his life and work in the town center, although Leonardo’s actual birthplace is actually few miles away. There are many other interesting places in the Tuscany region outside of Florence that you can discover at your leisure. Book a flight and hotel to Florence with our travel team to begin the trip of a lifetime.

What to eat in Florence?

Food throughout Italy is delicious and Florence is no exception. Florentine cuisine is predominantly meat based and shares a lot of dishes in common with the cuisine of its parent region, Tuscany. Bistecca alla Fiorentina is a famous Tuscany T-bone steak dish popular in Florence. Beef for this dish comes from Chianina cattle, a breed that has been raised in Tuscany for over two thousand years. Ribolita and pappa al pamodoro are popular bread-based soups prepared with a variety of vegetables. They’re filling and tasty and very popular. In addition to its great diversity of foods, Florence also boasts terrific wine sourced from the neighbouring Chianti district south of the city and elsewhere. Food and refreshments in the city’s many restaurants are excellent overall, and are sure to make your vacation in Florence even more memorable.