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Restaurants at airports in Sweden

Rating of Airports in Sweden - Restaurants

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
GOT Gothenburg Airport Landvetter 3.2 13
VBY Visby Airport Visby 4.0 1
ORB Orebro Airport Orebro 4.0 1
ARN Stockholm Airport Arlanda 3.8 8
UME Umeň Airport Umea 3.0 1
KRN Kiruna Airport Kiruna 3.0 1
BMA Stockholm Airport Bromma 2.3 3
LPI Link÷ping Airport Saab 2.0 1
JKG Jonkoping Airport Axamo 2.0 1

Latest reviews of restaurants at airports in Sweden

Bromma Airport (Stockholm) , 07/05/2012

Small and familiar airport with excellent location!The only problem was the unreasonalbly high pricing level in cafÚs & restaurants

Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg) , 24/10/2011

Small but warmth

Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg) , 06/10/2011

Very nice meeting.

Landvetter Airport (Gothenburg) , 12/08/2011

The airport is clean and tidy. The facilities are excellent and the staff absolutely first class. The check in staff were very helpful and friendly even to the extent of recognising me and remembering my name in a shop and informing me that there were delays at security check in and I should go there as soon as possible to avoid missing my flight. Fantastic service.

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