Airports in Sweden - Rating of restaurants


Restaurants at airports in Sweden

Rating of Airports in Sweden - Restaurants

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
GOT Gothenburg Airport Landvetter 3.2 13
VBY Visby Airport Visby 4.0 1
ORB Orebro Airport Orebro 4.0 1
ARN Stockholm Airport Arlanda 3.8 8
UME Umeň Airport Umea 3.0 1
KRN Kiruna Airport Kiruna 3.0 1
BMA Stockholm Airport Bromma 2.5 2
LPI Link÷ping Airport Saab 2.0 1
JKG Jonkoping Airport Axamo 2.0 1

Latest reviews of restaurants at airports in Sweden

Umea Airport (Umeň) , 13/12/2010

Small, thus quick airport. NOTE! Book taxi in advance if you want to get one quickly - most taxis are pre-booked and only a few take passengers directly.

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