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Restaurants at airports in Sweden

Rating of Airports in Sweden - Restaurants

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
GOT Gothenburg Airport Landvetter 3.2 13
VBY Visby Airport Visby 4.0 1
ORB Orebro Airport Orebro 4.0 1
ARN Stockholm Airport Arlanda 3.8 8
UME Umeň Airport Umea 3.0 1
KRN Kiruna Airport Kiruna 3.0 1
BMA Stockholm Airport Bromma 2.5 2
LPI Link÷ping Airport Saab 2.0 1
JKG Jonkoping Airport Axamo 2.0 1

Latest reviews of restaurants at airports in Sweden

Bromma Airport (Stockholm) , 07/05/2012

Small and familiar airport with excellent location!The only problem was the unreasonalbly high pricing level in cafÚs & restaurants

Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) , 23/07/2009

Air Traffic Control delayed my flight out of Frankfurt due to a high volume of traffic. I immediately inquired about my connection and was told it woulnd't be a problem. During the flight the Captain informed us that we would be parking at the furthest location from the terminal and that those with boarding passes should proceed immediately to their gates. I lterally jumped off the bus and ran to my gate. When I arrived at my gate, the gate attendent told me they had closed the gate and were currently off-loading my baggage. I was not the only passenger put into this situation. as a result a few of us were rebooked for a flight in the morning, given no place to stay overnight and a food voucher to use for dinner, dispite the fact that the restaurants were in the process of closing and we couldn't get food. I travel frequently throughout Europe and the United States. I've never been more disappointed in an airline or airport.

Skavsta Airport (Stockholm) , 07/10/2014

It is not near Stockholm! Compared to other Ryanair airports it is OK.

Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) , 26/07/2014

Functional Nordic feel airport.

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