Airports in Sweden


Airports in Sweden

Rating of Airports in Sweden

Code City Name Overall Rating Number of Reviews
MMX Malmö Airport Sturup 4.2 13
GOT Gothenburg Airport Landvetter 4.1 134
ARN Stockholm Airport Arlanda 4.0 684
BMA Stockholm Airport Bromma 3.9 39
UME Umeå Airport Umea 3.5 12
NYO Stockholm Airport Skavsta 3.4 119
KRN Kiruna Airport Kiruna 3.4 12
ORB Orebro Airport Orebro 5.0 2
JKG Jonkoping Airport Axamo 5.0 1
LPI Linköping Airport Saab 4.8 5
SFT Skellefteå Airport Skelleftea 4.5 2
LLA Luleå Airport Kallax 4.0 3
AGH Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport Angelholm/Helsingborg 4.0 2
HMA Malmö Airport Khanty-Mansiysk 4.0 1
VBY Visby Airport Visby 3.4 8
OSD Ostersund Airport Froesoen 3.0 2
VST Stockholm Airport Vasteras Hasslo 2.8 8

Rating of services at airports in Sweden

Airport Services Best Airport Rating
Restaurants Sweden Malmö Airport 4.1
Shops Sweden Malmö Airport 4.0
Bus Sweden Malmö Airport 4.5
Car Hire Sweden Gothenburg Airport 4.2
Metro Sweden Stockholm Airport 5.0
Other Services Sweden Stockholm Airport 5.0
Services and Facilities Sweden Malmö Airport 4.2
Taxi Sweden Stockholm Airport 4.0
Rail Services Sweden Malmö Airport 5.0
Departure Lounges Sweden Linköping Airport 3.8

Latest Reviews of Airports in Sweden

Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) , 01/12/2016


Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) , 04/09/2016

Great access to Stockholm on Arlanda express. Good signs to platform. Both at airport and subway in Stockholm.

Skavsta Airport (Stockholm) , 12/07/2016

Just fine

Arlanda Airport (Stockholm) , 22/05/2016

The security line took an hour and many things were not well marked. The check in kiosks did not work. It was a mess. But I've seen more inefficient airports and less modern.

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